Starbucks Launches Free Course on Sustainability

It was announced “Greener Apron”a new educational program sustainability by Starbucks Méxicodelivered through a global open learning platform that provides employees, clients and community members with free access to world-class courses and educational materials designed to enhance professional development and strengthen communities.

La plataforma Starbucks Global Academy empowers students to achieve their personal and professional goals through innovative curriculum and learning tools from the Arizona State Universitybased on deep experience.

The The goal of the program is to promote sustainability between partners, customers and communities through a series of topics that empower students to take practical action to take better care of the planet.

“With the ‘More Green Apron’ program, we have set out to expand learning opportunities for our partners and customers so that they can participate in sustainability initiatives and, in turn, inspire the adoption of measures to protect the environment in their communities. ”.

Desirée León, Sustainability Leader at Starbucks Mexico.

The online course includes an immersion in the global environmental challenges facing the planetand how various actors are leading with solutions.

“The Greener Apron program focuses on strategy to reduce environmental impact and offers access to educational materials designed to give new advocates of sustainability the tools they need to lead by example.”

Brian Nethero, associate director of the Starbucks Global Academy at Arizona State University.

People who wish to enroll in the program can enter the educational platform of the Academia Global de Starbucksthrough the following link:

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