Starship Troopers and the Governor’s Songs: What Will Be Memorable for “Shorter-2021”

Jury (from left to right): Konstantin Bronzit, chairman of the jury – Igor Tolstunov, Anastasia Palchikova, Marina Aleksandrova, Sergey Kozlov, Maxim Lagashkin and Yuri Bykov.

Photo: Alexander KATERUSHA

In Kaliningrad, the 9th festival of short films “In short” has died down. The opening ceremony was traditionally preceded by a stellar path at the Zarya cinema. Even the rain did not frighten the artists. Lyubov Tolkalina, Anton Filipenko, Alexandra Revenko, Anton Sevidov from Tesla Boy, Daria Ekamasova, Ekaterina Volkova, Alexey Chadov, Katerina Shpitsa, Yulia Khlynina, Olga Sutulova, Vladimir Yaglych, Daria Charusha, Daria Mikhailova, Marina Domozhirova, members of the jury appeared in front of the audience Yuri Bykov, Marina Aleksandrova, Sergei Kozlov, Konstantin Bronzit, Maxim Lagashkin, Anastasia Palchikova, jury chairman Igor Tolstunov and festival president Sergei Selyanov and others.

Ekaterina Shpitsa came in a striking striped dress.

Ekaterina Shpitsa came in a striking striped dress.

Photo: Provided by the organizers

Artem Tkachenko and Vladimir Yaglych.

Artem Tkachenko and Vladimir Yaglych.

Photo: Provided by the organizers

The Zarya was crowded and warm. While some were drinking cold sparkling wine, others were taking a selfie as a souvenir. The auditorium was gradually filling up. QR codes or certificates were not checked either at the entrance to the cinema or at the entrance to the cinema, although their presence was almost the main requirement for guests and participants of all stripes.

The appearance on the stage of the people’s artist Yuri Stoyanov was a surprise. He not only played the guitar, but also became the host of the ceremony, switching all the attention and love of the audience to himself.

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– The pandemic is not over, but we have gathered together. Well, cool? Hooray! I love Kaliningrad. Because everything in this city is in the style of short films. Decided to see the sights? Please – Kant’s grave. Everything! The end of the excursion, – while the audience laughed, Stoyanov pointed to the governor, who was sitting in the first row, and said: – Offended!

Yuri Stoyanov became the presenters of the opening ceremony of the festival and warmed up the hall with specially prepared jokes.

Yuri Stoyanov became the presenters of the opening ceremony of the festival and warmed up the hall with specially prepared jokes.

Photo: Alexander KATERUSHA

Anton Alikhanov was hardly offended, since he was immediately called on the stage, presenting him as the head of a unique region: “This is the only place in Russia where flies land on amber, and not on what is usually”. Stoyanov wrote the jokes for the evening himself.

– Listen, you are 34 years old! At your age, I was the head of the unfortunate “Gorodok”, and you – the whole region. But you are still young, you still have everything ahead in our country, ”Stoyanov said, shaking hands with Alikhanov.

The governor, straying from the jokes of Yuri Stoyanov and the laughter of the public, read a greeting from the Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova and summed up:

– Let’s be together, be next to each other, love each other, hug already. So that everything is good with us. All health, good!

Later, at a private party in Zarya, Anton Alikhanov behaved more relaxed – he sang songs into the microphone, and everyone danced. The video went viral on social media.

It was necessary to register in advance for screenings at Zarya and at the summer cinema in Central Park, and it seems that those who wanted to do it. At least the park was sold out. Most of the audience, of course, was gathered at the closing ceremony with an orchestra and a screening of the winning films.

The prize for the best film – “How to light an extinct fire” was awarded to director Sergei Filatov.

Photo: Provided by the organizers

This year, 36 short films were presented in the main competition of the show, 35 more works were out of competition.


Who received the awards

Best Film Award – “How to light an extinct fire”, dir. Sergey Filatov.

Best Director Award – “Flyuger”, dir. Anton Filipenko.

Best Screenplay Award – “Aliens among us. Leonardo ”, screenwriter and director Anastasia Zavadskaya.

Best Cinematography Award – “Avako”, operator Anton Dorushenkov.

Best Animation Award – “Boxballet”, dir. Anton Dyakov.

Special Jury Prize – “Phase”, dir. Kirill Lukin.

Jury diploma – “Tramp Bro”, dir. Peter Timofeev.


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