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(ADN) On July 25, 2012, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the Federal Election Act of May 7, 1956 is unconstitutional. The court did not give the Bundestag a cure because it had been declared null and void several times beforehand. Since the MPs ignored this each time and again healed unconstitutionally, it was over on July 25, 2012. No possibility of healing was given.

To the judgment

For the verdict

According to the provisions of the Federal Constitutional Court Act § 31, the decision is legally binding.

The decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court are binding on the constitutional organs of the Federation and the Länder as well as all courts and authorities.

(2) In the cases of Section 13 No. 6, 6a, 11, 12 and 14, the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court has the force of law.

This also applies in the cases of Section 13 No. 8a if the Federal Constitutional Court declares a law to be compatible or incompatible with the Basic Law or to be null and void. If a law is declared to be compatible or incompatible with the Basic Law or other federal law or declared null and void, the decision formula must be published by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in the Federal Law Gazette. The same applies to the decision formula in the cases of § 13 No. 12 and 14.

From then on the dictatorship began in Germany! An unconstitutional Bundestag can only make legally invalid laws. All laws that have been drawn up or changed since May 7th, 1956 have thus come about illegally and are therefore invalid.

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But all parties and their MPs just carried on as if nothing had happened. You pretended that everything was normal. The court reporters from the mainstream press largely did not go into it after the reports about the judgment.

The members of the Bundestag even had the audacity to change the unconstitutional law on October 28, 2020.

Now came Corona! And now the dictatorship is being solidified. On November 18, 2020, the new Infection Protection Act is to be passed by the illegally composed, unconstitutional Bundestag.

Summary of the new law:

This is why the new Infection Protection Act is so bad:

1. There is a compulsory vaccination: Anyone who returns to Germany from a risk area must present a mandatory vaccination certificate or have a compulsory examination carried out. (Section 36 (10) No. 1b)

2. All public means of transport (bus, train, plane, ship) as well as airports, train stations, etc. are required to report “suspicious” and “suspected” contagion to the health department immediately. (Section 36 (10) No. 2 d and f)

3. Anyone who has stayed in a foreign risk area must enter in a digital database when they re-enter Germany where they stayed 10 days before and after crossing the border. (Section 36 (8))

4. The Bundeswehr is commissioned to ensure that the corona protective measures are adhered to (§54a)

5. The RKI is commissioned to monitor the citizens virologically and health-wise. (They call it “surveillance”, that’s just the fancier English word for surveillance.) The name is anonymized, but algorithms can easily determine the identity based on the other mandatory data to be transmitted. (§13 Paragraph 3-5)

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6. Our democratically elected representatives give power to the Federal Ministry of Health in several places: “The Federal Ministry of Health is empowered to determine by ordinance without the consent of the Federal Council …”

7. The completely meaningless value of “50 cases per 100,000” is cemented here, and a whole series of measures are listed which should then take place (to “prevent” it!): Closure of restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities and Community centers, ban on alcohol, ban on gatherings and events, and of course mask and distance requirements. (§28a Paragraphs 1 and 2)

8. The law says frankly that the fundamental rights should be permanently restricted: “Article 1, numbers 16 and 17, the fundamental rights of the freedom of the person (Article 2, paragraph 2, sentence 2 of the Basic Law), the freedom of assembly (Article 8 of the Basic Law), the freedom of movement (Article 11 paragraph 1 of the Basic Law) and the inviolability of the home (Article 13 paragraph 1 of the Basic Law). “(§7)

The dictatorship is perfected, essential basic rights are “temporarily” abolished and control over the citizens is expanded.

The question now will be how long people in Germany will put up with this.

Source: ADN news agency from November 16, 2020

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