Stepdaughter Urgant posted a new photo with her boyfriend

Feb 23, 20:36 Ekaterina Borodina

Photo: Instagram @e_ttg e_ttg

The girl starred in underwear for an advertisement dedicated to unconventional love.

Ivan’s stepdaughter Urgant Erica posted on her Instagram page candid shots from a photo shoot for advertising the fashion house Jacquemus. In the photographs, she is captured in the arms of her dark-skinned young man. The main idea of ​​the PR campaign was unconventional love. Erica and her boyfriend showed an example of interracial relationships.

The girl has been dating a young man named Moses for over a year, writes “Economy today“. The adopted daughter of Ivan Urgant posed in her underwear, gently snuggling up to her chosen one.

Users were delighted with the sensual images of the couple. To many subscribers, this transnational tandem reminded of a common drink.“Coffee with milk”;

“Waaaaah! How beautiful you are ”;

“What can be more beautiful than youth and love”;

Erika Kiknadze is Ivan Urgant’s adopted daughter from his second official marriage with Natalya Kiknadze. In addition to the 20-year-old girl, the couple also have children together. Ivan Urgant and Natalya are raising two girls, the eldest daughter Nina was born in 2008, and the youngest Valeria in 2015.

Earlier reported about unexpected reaction Urgant’s subscribers to the new image of the dramatically thinner wife of showman Natalia Kiknadze.

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