Stepmother Arrested for Third DWI – NBC Houston

HOUSTON –Kate Major Lohan, the former stepmother of Lindsey Lohan, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on December 30, after allegedly violating the conditions of her probation for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Montgomery County Court documents show that Lohan, 40, was arrested by Shenandoah police on November 16, the same day she posted bail.

According to various media such as TMZ, Michael Lohan’s ex-wife was found by officers inside a vehicle in a parking lot at 2 am and failed the applied sobriety tests.

On November 17, they set additional conditions to his bail, which include refraining from drinking alcohol and providing periodic urine samples.

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After failing to comply on November 30 and December 14, Montgomery County District Judge Patty Magginis signed an arrest warrant a week later on December 21, executed on December 29.

A day later, Lohan, a resident of The Woodlands, appeared in court, where a $15,000 bail was set, but this time he added to the conditions of his probation, the prohibition to drive any vehicle.

Lohan must appear again in court on January 23.

His previous DWIs were registered in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2014 and, in New York, in 2021.

Kate Major married Michael Lohan in 2014, and they had two children: Landon and Logan.

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