Stop fossil fuel mining in the Arctic! The voice of the indigenous model, Quana Chasing Horse, expands.[Fighting models]| Vogue Japan

“The current climate change debate does not fully include the voices, experiences, and perspectives of indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples’ lives depend on the land and creatures that are passed down from generation to generation. We have a deep spiritual connection and respect for the planet, and at the same time we feel responsible for maintaining traditions and lifestyles for the next generation. “

And he continued the process of standing up to protect the environment of the Arctic Circle.

“We, the indigenous peoples, have been plagued by the trauma of world injustice for generations. As I grow up, the ego wrinkles of some people in the world, our animals, I learned that it extends to land, water, and lifestyle. The more I learned about how society works, the more I was traumatized and angry with the absurdities experienced by indigenous peoples. The injustice is more pronounced. That’s why I decided to fight for the people of the Arctic, because this land is part of my identity. “

She emphasizes that climate change measures, mainly in the United States, are completely lacking.

“It is true that many climate change denials still argue that there are no environmental problems, so we must work more with political powers to develop policies that mitigate or reverse the effects of climate change. And there is an urgent need to move away from fossil-fueled energy and move to clean and sustainable energy. Now is the time to embrace the voices of our indigenous peoples. “

Dangerous signs that threaten the Arctic Circle.

In February 2022, I attended the “No Waste” dinner party during NY Fashion Week. Photo: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

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