Storm on Capitol: Shop appalled with tasteless costume idea

A violent mob, right-wing extremists, Trump supporters: inside and QAnon believers have stormed and devastated the Capitol in Washington. Five people died. The disturbing attack now apparently provides inspiration for a very questionable carnival costume.

  • The Sturm on the Kapitol in Washington has caused horror all over the world.
  • The Mann with the Horns Jason C. was particularly remembered.
  • A Costume shop now has a dubious one Costume idea released

At the Storm on the Capitol one man in particular is remembered: Jacob C. from Arizona. With a bare torso, painted face, Headdress made of fur and horns and a spear, Jacob C. stood out in the wild chaos of Washington. The pictures of him went around the world. He has now been arrested. The 33-year-old previously bragged about the on NBC News attack on the Kapitol: “The fact that a bunch of our traitors barricaded themselves in office, put on gas masks and withdrew to the underground bunker, I consider a victory,” he said.

city Washington, D.C.
area 177 km²
population 705.749 (2019)
founding July 16, 1790

Storming the Capitol: With a fur hat and horns to the carnival ?!

Jacob C. is also said to be the lectern of the Chair of the House of Representatives in the Kapitol have taken. The eccentric demeanor of Jacob C. in his Shamanscostume quickly became a symbol of Sturm on the Kapitol. The Costume shop Maskworld has now used Jacob C.’s appearance as an inspiration for a dubious costume proposal

“In view of the current situation, our Look of the Week is more of a look for the weak. But in retrospect we were pretty far-sighted with the name for our make-up, “writes”Maskworld“ on his Facebook page. A fur hat with horns, brown sweatpants, black gloves, megaphone, a kind of trivbal tattoo and clown make-up are suggested for the “Look of the Week”.

Jason C. has since been arrested.

© Manuel Balce Ceneta / dpa

Storming the Capitol as a template for a costume

Apart from the fact that Carnival will fall flat this year due to Corona – but a harrowing historical event has to be a steep template for one costume be?! A costumeyou usually get on a fun event as carnival would wear? Of course it is clear that “Maskworld”Expresses criticism in his post and describes the“ Look of the Week ”as a“ Look for The Weak ”. Nevertheless, there will probably be some people who take this costume proposal seriously and would definitely go to the next carnival party themselves. The Facebook post is also far too striking to be able to perceive the actual criticism directly. What gets stuck is that costume, not the criticism.

On Facebook hits that costume not even on particularly much love in return. Many users criticize “Maskworld“And certify that costumeShop tastelessness. “Totally wrong people! PS: please just have a look at the people who happily set salmon smileys here and then ask yourself: whether you wanted and need this applause from the right … My suggestion: delete this post, “writes a user under the post. Another user writes: “People died there. Expresses disrespect. ”Or:“ You should reconsider this post. Because that’s not even satire. But unfortunately the bottom drawer of taste. ”

Doubtful costume: Facebook users get upset

“Neither funny nor anything. Apart from the fact that you covered one with it coup attempt ridiculing, celebrating a dangerous protester and cannibalizing an attack on democracy for advertising, you seem to overlook the fact that five people died in the process. Absolutely wrong, folks. Really. ”, Writes another angry Facebook user.

These are just a few examples. But there are also users who in the costumesuggestion the actual criticism of “Maskworld“Recognize:” How easy nobody understands that this is actually critical. The only thing that is really linked there is the make-up, where the product name is referred to as “clown make-up”. Just complain a lot without understanding it. So typical. Apart from that, for a lot of people, humor is a means of processing bad things better, ”writes one user.

Storming the Capitol: The man with the horns must not become an icon

But whether critical or not – that Sturm onto Kapitol as a template for a Carnival costume to take and advertise your own shop in this way is tasteless. Of course there are innumerable costumes of “bad guys” – but they are mostly fictional. It makes a moral difference whether you are a “Joker” or “Jacob C”. to the carnival goes. One is fictional, the other real. Jacob C.’s appearance must never be celebrated and played down – as part of a casual, fun event like carnival.

We asked “Maskworld” for a statement on the Facebook posting, but have not received any feedback so far. If there is a statement from the company, we will publish it here.

Rubriklistenbild: © Manuel Balce Ceneta/dpa

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