Storming the Capitol: FBI arrests the “shaman” Jacob C.

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FBI arrests the “shaman” from the Capitol

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These penalties threaten the Capitol Striker

After the storm on the Capitol, a discussion broke out about possible penalties for the rioters and about the reluctance of the emergency services. Many wonder whether the police would not have cracked down on the Black Lives Matter protests.

QAnon supporter Jacob C. from Arizona stormed the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday wearing face paint, fur hat, bull horns and spear. Now the FBI has arrested him and two others, including the intruder in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Dhe Capitol intruder Jacob C., equipped with face paint, fur hat, bull horns and spear, was arrested on Saturday. The 32-year-old was taken into custody in Arizona, the FBI announced.

The accusation is trespassing and resistance to state power on state premises. The man with the stage name Angeli is a supporter of the conspiracy ideology QAnon.

Adam J. from Florida was picked up by the police on Friday – he is said to have stolen the lectern from the chairman of the House of Representatives in the Capitol. A member of the West Virginia House of Representatives, Derrick E., was also arrested.

Jacob C. (M.) on Wednesday in the corridor outside the Senate Chamber of the Capitol in Washington

Those: dpa / Manuel Balce Ceneta

The public prosecutor announcedThe three men are charged with illegal entry into a specially secured building as well as violent entry and improper behavior on the Capitol grounds before a federal court. Adam J. (36) had to answer for the allegation of theft of government property. A popular photo shows a man carrying Pelosi’s desk and waving at the camera.

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Prosecutors said Derrick E. showed a video of his intrusion into the Capitol live on his Facebook page. The West Virginia House of Representatives published a message from the 35-year-old on Saturdayin which he declared his resignation: “I take full responsibility for my actions and deeply regret any injury, pain and embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends, constituents and fellow citizens of West Virginia.”

Jacob C. had im Sender NBC News bragged about attacking Parliament. “The fact that a bunch of our traitors barricaded themselves in office, put on gas masks and withdrew to an underground bunker, I consider a victory,” he said. Out the documents published by the public prosecutor’s office it emerges that C. himself called the FBI in Washington on Thursday and confirmed that he was the man with the horned headdress. C. stated that he had come with a group from Arizona because Trump had called all “patriots” to Washington for Wednesday.

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Armed units comb the rooms of Congress in search of intruders - a picture the nation would have liked to avoid

Storming the US Congress

The Justice Department had already reported the arrest of Richard B. from Arkansas on Friday. He is said to be the man who proudly had himself photographed in Pelosi’s armchair with one foot on the desk. In connection with Wednesday’s Capitol storm, allegations are pending in federal court against at least 14 other suspects.

At least five people were killed in the attack on Parliament, including a police officer. Critics accuse Trump of fueling the mob at a rally shortly before the storming of the Capitol.


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