Storms kill at least 3 in southern US

Much of the southern United States was facing storms on Tuesday that have killed at least three people since Sunday night and caused extensive damage from Mississippi to West Virginia.

Parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, plus corners in Arkansas and Georgia, were at elevated risk from intense storms, according to the Storm Prediction Center. That area is home to more than 11 million people and includes the cities of Nashville, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Jackson, Mississippi.

“We see all three threats, hail, wind and tornadoes on Tuesday,” said Mike Edmonston, a national service meteorologist in Mississippi.

A woman in Tennessee was killed when a tree fell on her house blown over by winds Tuesday, Weakey County Emergency Director Ray Wiggington told WKRN-TV. He said at least six mobile homes were damaged by the tree by 4 a.m.


Hailstorms and high winds hit North Texas, where earlier Monday night what appears to have been a tornado overturned three truck trailers on Interstate 35 amid a heavy downpour, authorities said.

Three people were taken to hospitals, but their conditions were not immediately known, Dallas-based WFAA reported.

Tornadoes Tuesday could have gusts of up to 113 kilometers per hour (70 mph) and hail the size of a golf ball, forecasters said, noting that tornadoes are likely into the night in parts of Mississippi. A pair of tornado watches were issued Tuesday morning in rural areas east of Nashville, Tennessee.

A tornado watch in Atlanta forced thousands of people to seek shelter Monday and a man was killed when a downed tree knocked power lines over his vehicle in Douglasville, Georgia, west of Atlanta, said Rick Martin, a Douglas County spokesman. . Also in Georgia, Carla Harris, 55, was killed when a tree fell over her Bonaire home, Houston County emergency officials said.

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