Stranger helps father and newborn daughter in need

Little Ru-Andria was just four days old when her first big trip was due: Her father Rubin Swift had received custody of her and wanted to bring her home to Ohio from Arizona, where she was born. The plane tickets were bought and the two of them were ready. But when the time came, the dampers followed at the airport, as reported by “”: The airline denied Swift and Ru-Andria access to the plane and refused them.

Help in need

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Help in need

The airline does not allow father and daughter to fly

The reason: The airline has a policy that says that babies are only allowed to fly when they are at least seven days old. With her four days the little girl was still too young. Even when Swift showed all the necessary documents to the doctors, the airline did not consent. Not knowing what to do next, the new father turned in despair to the hospital where his daughter was born. There it was Joy Ringhofer who took care of the little baby for the first few days and gave it to Swift when he arrived.

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Hospital employee takes the two

When Ringhofer heard what had happened to Swift and Ru-Andria, she didn’t hesitate for a second and said: “I’ll come and get you and take you home.” A little later she picked them up at the airport and took them home with her. There she took care of the baby and showed Swift everything he needed to know about his newborn daughter. After three days, the father-daughter duo brought them back to the airport, where they were allowed to board the plane – Ru-Andria was now seven days old. It was difficult for Ringhofer to say goodbye to the sweet girl. “I’ll really miss her when she’s gone,” she said.

Swift himself is indescribably grateful to the hospital staff. “She could also have said, ‘This is your problem’ and hung up,” he explains. “I thank her. I thank God for her – and the hospital staff.”

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