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“I spent a lot of time in Arizona, especially in the desert city,” says Jackie Kenny. But she has never actually stood there. It is difficult for her, who has “agoraphobia” to feel afraid of places where she cannot easily escape, to leave her home and go on a journey. Instead, she travels around the world on Google Street View and posts screenshots of the landscape on Instagram under the name “Agoraphobic Traveler.”

MONGOLIA | Mongolia
“That beauty wasn’t ready for my heart.” So Kenny describes Mongolia as one of the first countries she visited on her online trip. “Stunning architecture and grassland gels, a fusion of tradition and modernity, spectacular landscapes, wild horses in the countryside, and incredibly beautiful light-it was an eye candy everywhere.” .. The landscape gave birth to the vision and aesthetics of the “Agoraphobic Traveler” project.

PERU | Peru
Bold and simple. There are few elements and it is easy to understand. That is Kenny’s style. “It’s important to have a margin that evokes a feeling of isolation and loneliness.” There are days when he sticks to a 4K monitor for 18 hours in search of the ideal scenery. “I look at the subject from different angles and aim for the best shot possible. I spend weeks exploring a small area to find the subject.” If you can take one picture as you imagined, correct the color tone and post it on Instagram.

ROMANIA | Romania
Kenny started his journey in 2016. It was a time when my heart was overwhelmed by the closure of the co-founded company. “As agoraphobia and anxiety worsened, I became more and more isolated from the world. I had to find a creative exit to overcome it.” Since then, she has been walking across this parallel world. “I fell in love with the slightly distorted world in Street View. I feel like it fits my slightly distorted imagination.”

UAE | United Arab Emirates
When going to a new place, Kenny learns and understands its culture and history as much as possible. I was also blessed with people who gave me local information. “I feel a real connection to some of the places I’ve visited.”

Kenny spends hours exploring the still world of Street View, searching for a special piece hidden in everyday life. Her friend described the work as “like a postcard of a place I visited in my dreams.”

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MEXICO | Mexico
Kenny says he wants to actually go to the places he visited in Street View someday. “First in the Southwestern United States. From there I go to Mexico and down South America. I can’t miss the Atacama Desert in Chile.” For her agoraphobia, the desert, which has no escape, is a mysterious place that is terrifyingly fascinating. “It’s a dream I want to realize someday. Recently, my phobia has become much better, but there is a long way to go before I can realize my journey.”

CHILE | Chile
Kenny held a solo exhibition in New York in 2017 (at which time he actually traveled to the United States and interacted with the Instagram community), and in late 2020 he collaborated with the British poet Emily Berry on the photo book Many. Nights is about to be published. Through her work, meeting people from all over the world who also have mental health concerns has been the most rewarding part of her journey.

Astronaut’s point of view

Google Street View has given Kenny a zoomed-out perspective from the world. By freely flying from country to country without worrying about borders and movement restrictions, it became easier to find similarities between the two different places. “I realized how we are really connected.”

She likens that feeling to the eyes of an astronaut. “Astronauts get a big picture by looking at the Earth from space. Until I started my Street View journey, my world was so small that my mind and body were trapped in a small space. I felt like I was doing it, but this experience greatly expanded it. “

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The newly acquired eyes gradually healed Kenny’s spirit. “I’m getting a lot of new ideas and opportunities right now. This project made me realize that I can see the world and challenge common sense in my own way. When I realized that, I felt like I could do anything. “

Jackie Kenny | JACQUI KENNY
Born in New Zealand. Lives in London. Instagram account “ in 2016Agoraphobic TravellerAnd start posting photos taken with Google Street View. In 2021, the photo book “Many NightsWill be released. Instagram:@streetview.portraits


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