Strong tornadoes put southern US on alert

Written in PRESENT the 4/1/2023 · 09:23 hs

now is the on of the United States the one that is on alert for strong tornadoes that have left severe storms. Arkansas and Louisiana are the most affected, in the latter state a tornado caused severe damage.

Los power outages they affected 2,572 homes in Jackson Parish and 692 in Union Parish, north Louisiana. In addition, there are people injured and several trees fell on several highways.

The camera from Jessiville, Arkansas High School, caught a tornado passing by that knocked out lights on the football field.

Due to tornadoes, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois are on alert, where there is already a watch for strong storms, hailstorms and the formation of this phenomenon.

So far only confirmed the presence from one of these cyclones in Maroa, Illinois. The storms move in a northeasterly direction and Illinois locations such as Decatur, Forsyth, Oreana, Foosland, among others.

Plus they are already under a tornado warning with possible small hail and gusty winds. During the evening, around 79,000 people in the region will be exposed to this type of cyclone.

new winter storm

The National Metereological Service (NWS) reported that the new winter storm will bring heavy snowfall, ice, thunderstorms and heavy rain. The bad weather will start from Wednesday and is expected to last until next week.

In addition to snowfall there could be rain that would create threats of extra flooding. More than 35 million people are on alert, especially on the near Gulf Coast, southeastern Louisiana, and southern Mississippi and Alabama.

evil weather It comes just a week after winter storm Elliot killed more than 50 people from the cold in the country.


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