Student with 32HH breasts founds crowdfunding for downsizing

A college student who has been compared to a porn star for her natural 32HH breasts causing her “excruciating” pain asks for donations to fund a £ 4,000 breast reduction surgery.

Aminata Daboh, 20, from Birmingham, has set up a GoFundMe page to fund the reduction of “a lot of emotional distress and physical pain during her teenage years”.

In a lengthy plea, the law and corporate management student explained how she has difficulties doing sports because of her “blessing”.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, she found that one of her ex-boyfriend’s fathers even asked if she was a virgin because she had large breasts. At school, she was compared to porn stars and referred to as “the girl with the big breasts”.

She added that she initially tried to get the NHS discount but felt discouraged by a male general practitioner who told her it was unlikely that public funding would come.

‘The pain is unbearable now. Going private and spending thousands of pounds is not something anyone would want to do, but that kind of pain and discomfort is intolerable, ”she said.

‘Bras dig into my torso and shoulders. I can’t sleep on my front because it’s uncomfortable. ‘

She went on to say that when she was younger she was more athletic and energetic, but has since been able to find a bra that supports her chest while she works out.

On her GoFundMe page, she wrote, “When I was sixth year my breasts started growing very quickly and by the time I was tenth I was a 32JJ which is incredibly tall for a 5’2, 14/15 Years old in secondary school. ‘

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“I was always a bit insecure about my body, but as I got older it got worse.

Eventually, a family member introduced me to the prospect of a breast reduction.

She also explained how she lost weight, but the size of her breasts has not decreased and the reasons are purely medical.

She said, “A lot of people think that the reason for breast surgery is vanity, which is not the case here.

“On the outside, having large breasts looks good to some people, but it’s a constant weight to carry. I’m 5’4 now and have a pretty small frame and my breasts are currently 32H.

“I literally have to wear a bra with EVERYONE and when you’re a girl you already know how excruciating and uncomfortable it can be! It’s also painful because my back is sore all the time and my bra straps dig into my shoulders and leave indentations.

“I can rarely exercise because it is difficult to find a bra that will support you properly without putting strain on my back, shoulders, and chest.

“I take light pain relievers when I am in pain to relieve it, but I don’t want to continue doing that.

Adding this surgery is her ‘last option,’ she continued: ‘It is also difficult to find clothes and even a bra that is comfortable and flattering as my upper body is significantly disproportionate to my lower half.

“Plus, everything I wear from a simple T-shirt to a blouse becomes very revealing and tight around my chest area, which means that I usually get taller or just have to stick to baggy clothes because I am immersed with people Feeling uncomfortable and self-confident I look at my body and how my body looks in and out of my clothes.

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“They also invite a lot of unwanted attention from people, which makes me very anxious and insecure most of the time.

So far, she has raised more than £ 1,400 for her surgery – that’s less than half of her goal.

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