Studies of the Alabama building begin

The drama for the owners of the Alabama residential and commercial mall, located in the Belén Rosales neighborhood of the city of Medellín, continues.

In this month of January, the study will begin to establish whether the construction can be repowered and thereby save the families’ assets or if, on the contrary, there will be nothing to do and it would have to be demolished.

As will be recalled, the Police Inspector, Mauricio Restrepo Jaramillo, competent for the neighborhood where the property is located, ordered its evacuation, after he detected a movement of the structure’s plates and identified other delicate affectations.

The Alabama was occupied by eleven families and commercial establishments came into use, without the structure being completely finished.

The residents had to vacate the property since last December 13 before the inspection order and despite the initial opposition of the families, a decision that undoubtedly embittered them in December.

Facsimile Inspector’s Order

The studies are valued at around 180 million pesos, and will allow to define the fate of 15 apartments and four premises that make up the building.

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