Study reveals younger brother is funnier and more likable

Although one might think that living under the same roof, with the same parents and family members, following the routines and traditions of the home, would make siblings similar, the reality is that most siblings are far from similar.

While it is true that all rules have their exceptions, people who have these types of relatives know that they are almost always very different.

Now science confirms this theory.

The English site Yougov, specialized in market research and data on the Internet, carried out an investigation in which the results showed the great differences that brothers usually have.

With marked differences between siblings

According to the research, the eldest or first-born son, regardless of sex, has a perception in which he has more responsibilities, both with his family and with his siblings.

In numbers, 54% of the firstborn say they are more responsible than their siblings, by a difference of 31% of the youngest.

However, the little one ensures that he feels freer, and as a consequence is calmer and more fun, Thus, 46% revealed that they are the friendliest in the family, while 34% of the older siblings indicated that they were the most outgoing .

The creators of the research argue that these characteristics correspond to the age difference between one and the other, rather than to the position they occupy in their family.

In addition, an analysis by Professor Francis Green, from the University of Birmingham, ensures that younger siblings are more likely to be autonomous due to their innate ability to be explorers and rebels.

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The previous sentence helps the smallest members of the family to be more likely to get ahead and generate great resources, regardless of whether they come from a family with humble roots.


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