Sturm’s OT goal as a template for a special moment

The Boston Bruins players made their first acquaintance with the ice at Fenway Park, the home ground of the Boston Red Sox, during a training session on Sunday in warm conditions for the time of year with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius and a slightly cloudy sky.

On Monday they will play the Discover NHL Winter Classic 2023 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. And it can be assumed that it will be even hotter then, regardless of the climatic conditions that then prevail.

The anticipation of the first big event of the ice hockey year 2023 is huge among the Bruins, as you could see from the mood on the ice and then at the scheduled press conference. The players also remembered a special moment when a Winter Classic Game was played in Fenway Park for the first time in 2010. Dingolfing’s Marco Sturm scored the 2-1 winning goal for the Bruins against the Philadelphia Flyers in overtime in front of more than 38,000 spectators.

Video: Unforgettable moments: Marco Sturm

The preparatory work for the goal after 1:59 minutes in extra time Patrice Bergeronwho still wears the Bruins jersey and looks back fondly on it.

“Obviously I’ve been aware for the past few days that we’re coming back here and I’ve definitely been thinking about that particular event. Because that was one of the things that made the game so special. It ended with fireworks. Walking out today , brought back some memories. A few things were probably different today and that’s why it’s cool to be a part of it,” said the 37-year-old forward, who has played for the Bruins since he began his NHL career in 2003-04 plays.

Born in East Weymouth, Massachusetts, he had his NHL career ahead of him Charlie Coyle. But he was there live in the stands.

“I remember it was really cold. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was hyper, tipsy and having a good time when the Bruins won in overtime. That kind of outcome is what makes a game like this. It’s every player’s wish to have a moment like that,” said Coyle, who also knows that you can’t force a goal like that.

“You can’t go out there and try to be a hero all the time. You just play in the right way, so those things fall into place. I think we have good leaders here and we just follow them , in what they say. The people watching just click back and check you out. Such extraordinary things happen by themselves and create memories for tomorrow,” reveals Coyle the approach.

He no longer remembers in detail how he got his ticket when he was 17: “I’m trying to remember. I either got the cheapest ticket I could get or, since I was with a friend of mine , his little brother and their father was there, they might have invited me too.”

However, Coyle also caught on the spot how David Krejci helped prepare Mark Recchi’s power play goal to make it 1-1 with 138 seconds left on the clock in regular time.

For Krejci, this game is one of the five most exciting he has ever been a part of.

“After the second period it was 0-1 against us. We were a bit depressed, then we scored this goal on the power play, the torso siren went off and finally Sturm scored the goal in extra time. The atmosphere in the spectator stands was great outrageous. It felt like we had won a playoff series. That was something very impressive. Also because of this memory, we enjoy the time here and the preparation for the upcoming game,” says the 36-year-old Czech looking forward to the traditional NHL outdoor event to start the year.

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