Stylist Sergei Zverev announced his intention to participate in the elections to the State Duma from Buryatia

Stylist and showman Sergei Zverev intends to run for the State Duma in September 2021 from Buryatia. “Before I came here (to Buryatia), I was still thinking (about going to the State Duma). But when I arrived, I felt this support, I made a conclusion and definitely [решил, что] you have to go to the deputies. There is no need to think anymore, there is popular support and love. The people told me, the people instructed me, so I have to do it ”, – stated Zverev in an interview with ATV channel.

According to the showman, at the moment he has proposals from five parties, one of which is parliamentary, writes RIA Novosti.

Not only as a showman, but also as a civil activist, Sergei Zverev became known after he held a series of pickets against the construction of a plant for bottling water from Lake Baikal. The plant, as reported, was planned to be built in the native village of Zverev, Kultuk. “To extract water, it will be necessary to lay pipelines over 3 kilometers long across the lake. Local residents will be blocked from access to the lake, people will not be able to fish. The plant can cause irreparable damage to this place and to the entire Baikal, ”Zverev said. For the picket on Red Square, Zverev was brought to administrative responsibility and fined 15 thousand rubles.

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