Subject is arrested by the Indiana Police accused of murdering two people: one would be his wife | Univision Chicago WGBO

A man identified as Cherok Ameer Douglass was arrested by the Indiana Police after a chase unleashed after allegedly murdered two people, including his wife.

The events would have happened last Monday, around 10 am, when New Albany Police received the report of two people killed at a gas station.

Upon arrival, the police noticed two dead people y of the alleged murderer37 years old, who He was escaping from the scene in an SUV..

The victims were identified days later as Brandee Douglass, who would be the wife of the alleged murderery Lorin Yellewho would it be station customer and was killed on his way to his car.

The alleged killer took a hostage

At one point in the chase, the subject entered a restaurantwhere did he come from a woman he was holding hostage and who was trying to get into the van.

The woman was able to free himself and fell from the vanreported the police, while the subject tried to run over the officers.

At that moment, elements of the New Albany Police opened fire against the suspect.

after the shots, the man crashed with the truck in the back of the restaurantwhere he was reduced by the police.

The suspect and hostage sustained minor injuries.

According to authorities, both the suspect and the woman he tried to take hostage were taken to hospitals with minor injuries.

Currently the suspect faces robbery and kidnapping charges. Nevertheless, further charges are expectedincluding homicide.

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