subsurface data project for the mining industry in arizona

Offer valid for any new client as part of the transfer of an ordinary securities account and/or a PEA and/or a PEA-PME with a minimum valuation of €100 at Bourse Direct with the price of €0.99 (in force at the time of opening), between 10/10/2022 and 01/03/2023.

For the offer to be taken into account, the offer code: WELCOME must be indicated on each online account opening or on each paper account opening file in the “Offer code” field. The receipt of a complete account opening file must take place no later than 03/01/2023 (postmark as proof).

For 4 months from the date the account is opened in the books of Bourse Direct, brokerage fees for orders of less than €100,000 executed over the Internet on Euronext Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels (excluding UCITS, SRD commission, extension and excluding tax on financial transactions) will be offered within the limit of 200 euros per account.

The client will also benefit from the transfer costs reimbursed offer: 100% of transfer costs reimbursed up to €200 for a securities account and €150 for a PEA, PEA Jeunes or PEA-PME account, on proof to be sent to Bourse Direct.

Offer cannot be combined with any other current offer. Only one offer per person, except in the context of the simultaneous transfer of 2 accounts of a different nature between them. The offer will then be applied to each of the 2 accounts. A new client is a natural person who does not already have an account opened in the books of Bourse Direct or one of its brands. The account transferred to Bourse Direct must be kept for at least one year. Failing this, Bourse Direct reserves the right to deduct the initially exempt brokerage fees.
Bourse Direct reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion, the opening of an account and to refuse or definitively exclude from participation in this operation any person who does not respect the conditions of the offer. Bourse Direct reserves the right to interrupt the offer at any time by providing prior information on its website

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