(Summary) JVC Recording DVD-R 120 minutes 1-16x speed White wide printable 5mm slim case VHR12JP20J1 1 pack (20 sheets)[× 5 set]_ Free shipping

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■ 1 pack (20 sheets) 5 sets 0[当ページ]
■ 1 pack (10 sheets) 10 sets 0

■Product contents

This product will be delivered in 5 sets with the following contents.

● White wide printable, 20 sheets in a thin case.

■ Product specifications

Type: DVD-R
Capacity: 4.7GB
Recording playback time: 120 minutes
Corresponding double speed: 1 to 16 times speed
Label: White Wide Printable
Label side logo printing: Yes
Case: Thin case
CPRM compatible: Compatible
Inkjet printer compatible: Yes

■ Notes on shipping and delivery

● The shipping standard for this product is[1-5 business days * Excluding weekends and holidays]It will be.

● As this item is backordered, it may be out of stock or delayed due to incorrect ordering.

● This product is included in the package【TS1】is.The bundled classification is【TS1】If purchased at the same time as other products not listed as, packaging and delivery will be separated.

● This product will be delivered from the supplier, so it cannot be delivered to Okinawa or remote islands.


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