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November 11, 2022 23:00
English championship (Championship), 21 rounds







November 11 at 23:00 (Moscow time) at the stadium “St. Andrews” in the championship of England (Championship) Birmingham will play against Sunderland. Read on for a free prediction of the outcome of the match / total from Betting Tools. Match favorite Birmingham. Bets on the victory of Lee Boyer’s wards are accepted with a coefficient of 2.34 (at the time of writing the preview). Bets on Alex Neil’s team to win are accepted with odds of 2.99. You can bet on a draw with odds of 3.29.

Birmingham – Sunderland. Key facts about the match

  • Birmingham in their last match in the championship of England (Championship) on 8 November played with Swansea. The match ended with a score of 2:2 (Scott Hogan and Troy Deeney scored for Birmingham). The Blues are unbeaten for four games in a row, with two wins and two draws.
  • Sunderland in their last match in the Championship of England (Championship) on November 5 played Cardiff City and were defeated 0:1. In the previous five meetings of the tournament, Sunderland won only one match, drawing once and losing three times. In 3 previous matches of Sunderland, the performance did not exceed two goals.
  • Birmingham is stronger defensively than offensively (defense rating 1112 and attack rating 912). The visiting team in defense and attack plays at about the same level (defense rating 949, and attack rating 886).
  • The ratio of the home team’s attack rating and the away team’s defense rating is 0.96. Statistically, the expected number of goals for an attacking team with this ratio is 1.26.
  • The ratio of the away team’s attack rating to the home team’s defense rating is 0.80. With this ratio, the expected number of goals for the team’s attacking team is 1.07.
  • In the last five matches of Birmingham, it was profitable to bet on total over 2.5 goals (+29.0%), on a draw (+26.0%) and on the victory of Lee Boyer’s wards (+18.0%).
  • In the last five meetings with the participation of Sunderland, bets on the loss of Alex Neil’s wards (+62.0%) and on the total under 2.5 goals (+34.0%) were profitable.

Birmingham – Sunderland. Statistics Predictions

Goal Forecast:

total under 2.5 goals (Under 2.5)


The predictions for the match were generated using machine learning: the predictive model was trained on a large sample of matches played and now, based on the received data, it generates predictions for upcoming matches, taking into account the input parameters. One of the key factors for forecasting is the ratio of teams’ attack and defense ratings.

Estimated odds for the match Birmingham – Sunderland

A score greater than 1 means that the coefficient is underestimated and the bet is mathematically profitable. If the score is less than 1, the coefficient is overestimated and the bet is mathematically unprofitable. Predictions for the match are formed taking into account the estimates of the coefficients, but this is not a decisive factor. For this reason, sometimes a prediction can be made on the outcome, the coefficient of which is lower than 1.

Profitability of bets on team matches:



Win betting


Draw Betting


Loss betting


Bets on TM 2.5


Bets on TV 2.5


Betting points


Actual Points


Note: Bookmaker points – the number of points that a team should have scored based on bookmaker odds in the last five matches (or less if the team does not have five odds matches). Calculation according to the formula: 3/set for a win + 1/set for a draw. Actual points – the actual number of points that a team has scored in the last five matches (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw).

Note: the average statistics of teams for the last 5 matches of the tournament against all opponents (for the “All Opponents” tab) and against opponents of the same level as the current one based on betting odds (for the “Opponents of the same level” tab) is indicated.

Birmingham. Advantages over the opponent in statistics: a higher percentage of shots from the penalty area (72.1% vs. 56.2%); fewer missed shots (11.6 vs. 12.0).

Sunderland. Advantages over the opponent in statistics: more shots on goal (12.8 vs. 8.6); higher percentage of long shots (43.8% vs. 27.9%); higher percentage of shots blocked (30.0% vs. 24.1%); higher percentage of ball possession (47.2 vs. 44.6); higher passing accuracy (75.2 vs. 70.8); more corners per match (4.8 vs. 4.4).

Favorite / Outsider. How will the game go?

Based on current match-winner odds, Birmingham is classified as a B+ team and Sunderland is a B- team. In the last 50 matches of the tournament between opponents of these classes, the B+ class team won 54% of the matches, 16% of the matches ended in a draw and 30% of the matches were won by the B- class team.

Nominal favorite of the match. The real chances of winning do not exceed 50%. Odds for winning in the range of 2.00 – 2.40.

Nominal underdog of the match. Has a slightly lower chance of winning than the opponent. Odds for winning in the range of 2.95 – 3.70.

Birmingham ( B+ )

Sunderland (B-)

Explanation of the predicted course of the game between the teams of Birmingham vs Sunderland: Based on the available statistics of the history of meetings similar in class of teams, it was concluded that the percentage probability of winning in regular time for the team Birmingham is 54%. The team’s chances of winning are 30%. The probability of a draw account is – 16%.

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