supports Trump and the QAnon conspiracy theory

By Bill McCarthy – PolitiFact

A few hours after Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol, several of his allies in Congress and in the media assured without evidence that those responsible for the violence were provocateurs of ‘Antifa’.

Some suggested, without evidence, that the crowd supporting Trump’s efforts to reverse the election results had been infiltrated by Antifa.. The name refers to “anti-fascists” and is not a group but a broad coalition of activists.

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Others focused on specific protesters who stormed the Capitol and of whom multiple photographs appeared, such as a bare-chested man wearing a painted face and a horned fur hat.

“These are NOT Trump sympathizers,” said a Jan. 6 Facebook post. “[Son] Vandals of Antifa ”. The post was reported as part of Facebook’s initiative to combat misinformation. (Read more here about PolitiFact’s alliance with Facebook).

But the horned mystery man is not aligned with Antifa. The man, Jake Angeli, supports Trump and is a well-known follower of the unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory. Angeli uses the nickname “Q Shaman” and she told the Arizona Republic newspaper that she wears her quirky outfit to stand out.

The Poynter news organization reported that in December Angeli had launched a fundraising campaign to finance his participation in pro-Trump events.

The Arizona Republic described him as “A QAnon supporter who has been a regular participant in right-wing political events in the last year”. The Associated Press reported that Angeli was also seen wearing her iconic hat at a pro-Trump event in Phoenix on Nov. 7..

PolitiFact’s review of Angeli’s private Facebook profile revealed photos and posts showing her support for QAnon and Trump. (QAnon’s followers believe Trump is leading a fight against a secret global group of satanic pedophiles.)

False claims linking Angeli and others who broke into the Capitol with Antifa multiplied online in the hours after the event. An analysis by NBC News, Telemundo’s sister network, identified thousands of Twitter posts accusing Antifa members of “posing” as Trump supporters.

Angeli responded on Twitter (her account has already been suspended) when Lin Wood, a lawyer who has filed lawsuits seeking to contradict the results of the presidential elections, published photos and assured that he was an Antifa activist. Will Sommer, a journalist for The Daily Beast who reports on QAnon, underscored the conversation.

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“Mr. Wood. I’m not antifa or blm ”, says Angeli’s publication. “I am a digital and QAnon soldier. My name is Jake and I marched with the police and fought BLM and ANTIFA at PHX. “

There is no credible evidence that Trump supporters who stormed the United States Capitol were Antifa activists. Videos and photos of the event show avSeveral people with clothes and flags with the name of Trump.

Trump addressed a crowd of supporters in Washington a few hours before the violence began., and also I had asked them to go to town on January 6 to support their attempt to ignore the election results. Trump encouraged the crowd to march toward Congress and hinted that he would join them. But it did not.

Our verdict

A Facebook post claimed that a man who was photographed breaking into the Capitol in a leather cap with horns was an “Antifa vandal.” The man is a known supporter of QAnon who supports Trump.

Therefore we qualify that post as fake.

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