Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, pressured Arizona lawmakers to unilaterally overturn the popular vote

According to emails obtained by the Washington Post, less than 48 hours after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Virginia Thomas sent an email to two Arizona congressmen asking them to reject the popular vote and choose a new “white list” of pro-Trump voters. Thomas is a longtime Republican operative and the wife of arch-reactionary Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The emails, obtained by public records request, reveal that on Nov. 9, 2020, Thomas sent messages to Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers (Republican-Mesa) and State Assemblyman Shawnna Bolick. (Republican-Phoenix). She implores them to “do their constitutional duty” and to “stay strong in the face of political and media pressure”.

In both emails, she urged the two lawmakers to “take steps to ensure that a clean voters list is chosen for our state.” Thomas had, as previously revealed, exchanged at least 29 text messages with Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in the days leading up to and following the failed coup.

“Article II of the United States Constitution gives you an awesome responsibility to choose the electors of our state,” writes Thomas, who does not reside in Arizona. “It means you have the power to fight fraud and ensure that our elections are free, fair and honest.”

The emails essentially elaborate on what would become one of the main strategies of Trump and his Republican accomplices after his election defeat. Knowing for a fact that Trump rightfully lost the election, Republican leaders — from Trump even to his allies in Congress to the media and far-right militias — spread the fascist lie that the election was “stolen” due to the prevalence of mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes.

These right-wing elements were instructed to harass Republican election officials and lawmakers to nullify the Democratic vote in states that Trump had lost, and to take the position that the people had no constitutional right to vote. elect a president who is not a Republican.

A Bowers spokesman, Andrew Wilder, told the Postwhich Bowers “had not seen, let alone read…the email form sent by Ms. Thomas.”

The same cannot be said of Bolick, who, according to the Postsent a reply to Thomas the following day, November 10, 2020, telling him, “Hope you and Clarence are doing well!”

Bolick, writes the Post, also gave “advice on how to submit complaints” regarding “voter fraud.” Bolick, currently in the running to be Arizona’s next secretary of state, has continually repeated Trump’s lies: the election is stolen and there is massive voter ‘fraud’.

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Two months after Virginia Thomas emailed Bolick — before Biden’s inauguration — the Arizona congresswoman sponsored Arizona House of Representatives Bill 2720. This included a provision that would have allowed the House to reject the president chosen by the voters. This bill, which ultimately did not pass, would have given state lawmakers the power to “revoke the issuance or certification by the Secretary of State of the certificate of election of a presidential elector” by a majority vote, at any time before the President’s inauguration.

Shawnna Bolick is notably married to Clint Bolick, who is currently an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona and a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. The Bolicks have a close relationship with the Thomases. Clint has described the Supreme Court justice in previous interviews as his “mentor.” Judge Thomas is also godfather to Clint’s second son.

In early 2022, Clarence Thomas refused to recuse himself in a case involving Trump’s presidential records, which the House of Representatives Jan. 6 Committee was trying to access. Eight out of nine justices disagreed with Trump that the documents were subject to ‘executive privilege’, only Thomas acknowledged Trump’s right to protect documents that included messages between Virginia Thomas and Meadows about the cancellation of the ‘election.

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