Survivors of Hurricane Ian in Florida remember what their passage through Fort Mayers was like

Only the cries of the little ones remind us that there is still some life left in this home devastated by Hurricane Ian. The storm caught this woman on a boat, with her five children on board. She survived that terrifying moment, but the fight continues. She assures between tears that, in a minute, your life changes. Four weeks after Ian passed through, the streets of Fort Mayers look like a movie set, a ghost town covered in rubble. “All my friends came to help me,” recalls this woman, while complaining about the tremendous bureaucracy they now have to deal with with insurance companies. “Neither the government nor the city helps them,” says this volunteer from Alaska, Remember that 86% of the population here are elderly. That they cannot face the reconstruction tasks nor do they manage the technology to manage the aid. The crosses on this Florida beach remember the deceased, while the survivors try to overcome the trauma.-Redaction-

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