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SILVER SPRING, Maryland.- This Tuesday morning, inside a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Maryland, three people were stabbed by a man who is still on the run, authorities report.

This mass stabbing occurred around 6:45 a.m. in the 8400 block of Colesville Road in downtown city ​​of silverspringreported FOX5 DC.

All three victims sustained injuries they did not endanger their livesaccording to the police.

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Officers rushed to the scene and found two men stabbed, while a third man returned to the restaurant a short time later, who told police he too had been stabbed, according to authorities cited by WUSA-TV.

the suspect I had already escaped of the establishment when the policemen arrived.

Authorities secure scene and begin investigation

The Montgomery County Police Department reported on Twitter that officers they secured the area and are looking for the suspect.

The reasons that led to the triple stabbing They are not yet revealed. Investigators do not think any employees were involved in the incident.

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