Swansea City vs Birmingham City (19.03.2022), bets and odds

03/19/2022 at 18:00 Moscow time there will be a match within the championship of England, in which the local club Swansea City will host the rival in the national championship Birmingham City at its stadium.


As part of the national championship, the football clubs Swansea City and Birmingham City meet, and this match should take place on 03/19/2022. The players will leave the locker rooms on the field at 18:00 Moscow time. Determining a clear favorite is not so easy, because if you take the last ten face-to-face meetings, then each club won three victories in them, and four matches ended with a draw. It was a 2-2 draw in the last game.

After a two-week break, the players of the Swansea City club will take to the field again and on 03/19/2022 they need to host Birmingham City FC at home. The chief referee of the meeting will blow a whistle to start it at 18:00 Moscow time. This year this is the first meeting of the teams, and last year there were two matches, where at first the football club Swansea City won 4-0 at home, but then the footballers of the Birmingham City club already celebrated a home victory, winning 2-1. Even earlier, personal meetings between the teams were more than ten years ago.

Swansea City

Three years ago, no one really knew about such a football club as Swansea City, but as soon as it changed owners, crazy progress followed, so now the team is spending its debut season in this division. It is very important for the hosts to gain a foothold here, because so far this has not been possible, since the football club Bad Gleichenberg is in third place from the end, and in order to leave the relegation zone you need to score at least two points. The management continues to trust the head coach, even despite the fact that during the season there have already been several obviously failed matches. In the last five rounds, Swansea City generally demonstrates extremely weak results, losing four times and scoring only one victory, and over the same outsider with a score of 3-2. The team plays equally poorly both at home and in away matches, and the weak point of the hosts is defense. Two midfielders will definitely not enter the field, and the participation of the left winger in the game is also questionable.

It was in the football club Birmingham City for the first time this season there was a coaching resignation. This was already after the sixth round, and the reason for the dismissal of the mentor was five defeats. The management invited a foreign specialist, who quickly cheered up the players and made them show great dedication on the football field. There were much fewer defeats, which allowed us to get out of the danger zone, and now the team is even in eighth place. True, it will not be possible to repeat the achievements of previous years, since the distance to the European Cup zone is too far. The position of the guests is also complicated by the situation with two key players who demand a transfer throughout the season without demonstrating the previous level of play. After four defeats in a row, the guests lost only once in five rounds, scoring two wins and two draws. The injured attacking midfielder will not help the guests, but it is not clear whether the right and left defenders have managed to recover.

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Swansea City – Birmingham City: the author’s forecast

Every football fan on 03/19/2022 will make every effort to be able to watch the confrontation between Swansea City and Birmingham City. The live broadcast will take place all over the world, and it will be possible to watch it at 18:00 Moscow time. It is not often that teams have to meet on the football field, because in the last ten years there have been only four matches, and each time regular time ends with a draw.

Last season, the Swansea City football club managed to achieve a return to the top league, and before the start of the season, contracts were signed with three new players who have extensive experience in this championship. It cannot be said that the hosts are having a stable season, but so far they are not in danger of being relegated, because the football club Bad Gleichenberg is eleventh, and there is an impressive ten-point advantage over the relegation zone. The team rarely draws, so most of the fights end either in victory or defeat, and it does not depend on whether the football club Swansea City plays at home or away. The hosts play not very closed football, which is not quite typical of this tournament, and the team is the most unpredictable this season. In the last five matches, the football club Swansea City won two wins, two losses and one draw. Except for the injury of the right midfielder, who retired before the end of the season, the hosts no longer have personnel losses.

If last season the football club Bad Gleichenberg played great on his field and performed poorly on the road, this allowed him to finish in the center of the standings. But, this year it is not possible to play well even at home, and since the away game has remained poor, Birmingham City is in the penultimate place, and there is practically no chance of escaping from relegation. The guests lack thirteen points to get out of the relegation zone, and since for all the rounds played the football club Birmingham City scored a little more than twenty, it is unlikely that the team will be able to significantly improve their results. The management already tried to do this by firing the head coach two months ago, but the arrival of a new mentor did not affect the team, so under the guidance of this specialist it was possible to win only one meeting out of seven. There were defeats in five fights, and most of the players are in disgusting shape, so no matter who the mentor puts on the field, Birmingham City still plays poorly.

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Today match Swansea City – Birmingham City Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our experts have no doubt that in a football match between the team of Swansea City and the team of Birmingham City, the favorite will easily deal with their opponents. Both analysts of bookmakers and our experts rightly believe that the team of Birmingham City will not have any problems with their opponents. The guests, who are fighting for the highest places in the standings, are now in great shape and went to the hosts in the most combat line-up. The home team is now experiencing great difficulties: not only does the club need to solve the problem of maintaining residence permits, but a large number of injured base players also add problems. In the light of these events, our experts believe that the guests will not only win the match, but will do it with a crushing score. Based on this, we recommend taking not only the victory of the Birmingham City team in this match, but also betting on the away handicap. The total total of goals scored is seen to be higher in this match, as the game promises to be fun, and if desired, the guests can beat the total offered by the bookmakers alone. Since the match is expected to be rather friendly, our experts believe that the players of both teams will try to play carefully so that they do not injure themselves or the opponent once again. And in personal meetings, the teams only broke through the proposed total of yellow cards a few times. Based on this, the total total of yellow cards in the match is seen as less.

All football matches, regardless of the status of the clubs participating in them, are of great interest to fans of this sport. Of course, the top championships, in which famous football clubs take part, in which famous football players play, attract much more attention, as fans are eager to watch the actions of football stars on the football field and enjoy the goals scored. Our experts try to choose the most interesting football battles for forecasting, in which two well-known teams meet and the result of which is very difficult to predict in advance. One of such matches will be a meeting between the team of Swansea City and the team of Birmingham City. Both football clubs have been playing in the championship for a long time, so they have repeatedly met each other and are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s game. At the helm of the clubs are experienced mentors, who have vast practical experience in the best football clubs in the world. Coaches have a large number of trophies, so they know how to choose the right words for their wards, which will set them up only to win today’s match. Each team has its own unique style, thanks to which the players act as a whole and achieve high results. We hope that today’s match will be of the highest football standard and the fans will remember it for a long time!

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It is always interesting to watch the matches of football teams that are fighting for certain places in the standings. It is not only about the fight for the championship or the fight for the European Cup zone. Usually, this struggle involves the giants of modern football, teams that have enough funds to sign star players and coaches. In such teams, the bench is quite long, so the teams can afford to take part in various tournaments, losing the quality of the game. It is much more interesting to watch the battle of the teams that are located at the bottom of the standings, for which defeat means an inevitable relegation to the lower leagues, where they will have to spend the whole season showing great football and beating competitors, and all in order to find themselves among the giants of modern football again. . The teams fighting for survival do not have millions of budgets, they are mostly loan players, and the clubs are run by managers whose monthly or annual salary is several times more modest than the income that famous football players have per week. However, these clubs find the strength to fight on equal terms with the giants of modern football, and sometimes even gnaw points from them. It is precisely such football confrontations that cause pride in modern football, you want to watch such matches again and again. Therefore, our experts recommend football fans not to miss the match between Swansea City and Birmingham City.




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