Sweet Messages From Grey’s Anatomy Star: “Yes, I’m Engaged!”

The US actress plays Dr. Addison Montgomery in the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

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Already 18 seasons of the doctor series Grey’s Anatomy are off and there is no end in sight! Now there’s good news from an actress: Actress Kate Walsh is engaged! All details are here.

Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh is engaged

As a rule, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Montgomery) rarely talks publicly about her private life. In an Instagram live stream with former actress Amy Brenneman (58) on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the series “Private Practice”, the 54-year-old has now accidentally revealed that she is engaged.

First, the two women talked about getting older. “It scares me that sometimes I sound like my mother,” Walsh began. She then blurted out, “I said to my fiancé, who’s a farmer, ‘You have to seize the opportunity.'” That she called her partner her ‘fiancé’ struck her just a few minutes later.

“Fiance! Yes, that’s right, I’m engaged. We’re making an announcement here on our Instagram Live,” she told Brenneman, but then took her little faux pas with humor. “I don’t really like talking about things like that.”

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Cheers for fans of Dr. Addison Montgomery, because she will be seen more often in season 19 from the third episode. What is the reason for her return to the clinic, we will find out later. But it is certain that it is a small consolation for the fact that Ellen Pompeo will be seen less…

Ellen Pompeo is known for starring on the show, but she’s reportedly getting less screen time for Season 19! Noisy Variety Ellen Pompeo will appear in 8 episodes of the new season and will continue to narrate each episode in addition to her role as producer. But why the reduced appearances?

The reason: Ellen Pompeo will star in a new Hulu series, how Variety reported. In order to make the shooting possible, Ellen Pompeo has to cut back as Meridith.

But there will be a lot of new faces to see in the new season, because a group of new residents will come to the clinic, who will cause a lot of wind. You can find out more in the video shared by the series’ Instagram account

Recently, Ellen Pompeo spoke on her podcast “Tell me with Ellen Pompeo” about the series that has made her one of the highest paid series actresses. She criticizes that the story progressed very quickly in the last season and always happened too much in one episode.

“Last season we did an episode about anti-Asian hate crimes that was very moving. I’d like to see things happen a bit more subtle and over time.”

Ellen Pompeo finds that the topics are too desperately pressed into one episode instead of being told more like a red thread over several episodes. She would wish things to be different, especially for important social issues.

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Ellen Pompeo has played the role of Meredith Gray on the hit series Grey’s Anatomy for over 15 years. In her podcast “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo” the 52-year-old has now revealed that she has hardly seen an episode so far.

Speaking to US TV chef Martha Stewart, Ellen Pompeo revealed she’s been on for 392 episodes… “I haven’t seen most of them, I’ve only watched a handful”, she admits. And even these episodes she only watched to prepare for her new directing job. The actress is not alone with her confession. Many well-known stars like Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie cannot see themselves in front of the camera.

Grey’s Anatomy is so far the longest-running primetime hospital series any times! And the story still goes on for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and her team at Seattle’s Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, despite Pompeo reportedly saying in an interview that she longs for the end. Apparently a raise in salary helpedto convince the actress. She is currently the highest paid series actress in the USA.

Season 19 will premiere in the US this fall on October 6th. We can then expect the new episodes in Germany in the spring. Until then can you see the current season Grey’s Anatomy in Germany on Disney+ or on FreeTV on Pro7.

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