Taiwan, an island under influences

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To accompany you throughout the year in your progress in HGGSP, we offer you each week to decipher a news article published by Courrier international, in connection with the first and final year programs, and we give you reading tips that allow you to approach the subject from another angle. A way to update the themes seen in class.

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Why this article?

Commented by the team of Courrier international, this map published in the notebook Teen mail published in December 2022, takes stock of the tensions linked to the future of Taiwan, whose official name is the Republic of China. It can be used during a presentation or serve as a diagram for the oral presentation. Presenting a graphic production to the jury is an asset that should not be overlooked.

The issue of tensions around Taiwan is addressed in first class in the theme on borders and in terminal in that on conflicts.

If only one quote had to be retained

As pointed out by Financial Times, the Chinese president’s determination to bring Taiwan back into the Chinese fold is strong. But this desire clashes with that of the United States preserve the integrity of this island of 23 million inhabitants.

The two great powers have been clashing in this region of the Pacific for several years. For Beijing, it is a question of extending its influence ever further, and particularly in the South China Sea. For its part, Washington seeks to contain Chinese expansionism by relying on a network of alliances built at the start of the Cold War. Since the tenure of Barack Obama, the United States has redirected some of its military potential in this area, a strategy it calls “the Asian pivot”.

As the map clearly shows, the island of Taiwan is on the border of these two areas of influence, equidistant from the military bases of the two powers. Tensions are very high today and many fear that, inspired by the war in Ukraine, China will seek to imitate Russia by in turn launching an invasion of Taiwan.

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