Taiwan gracegift Harry Potter Hogwarts Houndstooth One Piece Taiwan gracegift Harry Potter Hogwarts Houndstooth One Piece (GRACE GIFT / One Piece Other) 79776911 [4gNybzB8]

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Taiwan gracegift Harry Potter Hogwarts Houndstooth One Piece (79776911)

Taiwan Grace Gift Harry Potter Collaboration Hogwarts Badge Houndstooth Tank Top One Piece Vest Overalls

It will be a collaboration product with the popular lady’s shoes brand “Grace gift” in Taiwan.

* This item will be shipped after 2022-05-20.

Size F: Shoulder width 50.8cm Bust 90.2cm Cuff 48.3cm Overall length 111.5cm
Material: Polyester fiber + Elastic fiber
Total weight: Approximately 750g (including packaging)

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