Taiwan TSMC Looking to Build New Semiconductor Factory in Japan and US | Reuters

On July 15, TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor contract manufacturer, announced that it is looking to build new factories in the United States and Japan. The photo is the TSMC logo. Taken at the head office in August 2018 (2021 Reuters / Tyrone Siu)

[Taipei 15th Reuters]–Taiwan Stacked Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the world’s largest semiconductor contract manufacturing company, announced on the 15th that it is considering building new factories in the United States and Japan. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus crisis, demand for semiconductors for smartphones, laptop computers, and automobiles is rapidly increasing.

In addition to expanding China’s production capacity, it does not rule out the possibility of expanding the “second stage” of its Arizona plant in the United States.

It also revealed that it is considering building a special technology semiconductor factory in Japan.

“We are expanding our global manufacturing bases to maintain and strengthen our competitive advantage and better serve our customers in the new geopolitical environment,” Liu Tokuon said in a conference call with analysts. explained.

“Our overseas factories are not initially comparable to the costs of our manufacturing base in Taiwan, but we will work with the government to minimize the cost gap,” he said.

He said he was working to raise wafer prices to reflect rising costs, without revealing details of plans for the United States and Japan.

Liu said he plans to expand production capacity in Nanjing, China, using 28 nanometer (nano is one billionth) semiconductor manufacturing technology due to the “urgent need” of customers. Production is scheduled to begin next year, and the monthly production will be increased to 40,000 by the middle of 2023.

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