Tamara Falcó launches her new program ‘The Challenge’

Tamara Falco continues to make a career, and for good, on television. The new program, entitled ‘The challenge’, in which he collaborates opens this week. Isabel Presyler’s daughter will have to deal with a hitherto unknown facet: that of being a judge in a star-studded format. Antena 3 launches its new bet for Friday night, after the end of the eighth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ a few days ago. In the last times, The Marchioness of Griñón has been filling in a brilliant television curriculum that began with her conquest of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 4’. Later, she signed up as a talk show for Máximo Huerta’s magazine, ‘As of today’. Later, TVE continued to trust her to present, nothing more and nothing less, a cooking program (together with chef Peña) at noon. And, as if this were not enough, the young aristocrat has been incorporated since this season to the weekly debate table of ‘El Hormiguero’.


– PRIMICIA: Tamara Falcó takes a further step in her passion for cooking

– Tamara Falcó begins her new television ‘challenge’

Far is that ‘We love Tamara’, the personality show where Falcó showed before the cameras what his day to day was like. A program, in the style of ‘Alaska and Mario’, which revealed the most intimate side of the protagonist and where the telegenics that she possesses to attract the general public was already glimpsed. Now, in ‘The challenge’, Tamará Falcó will be part of the jury together with the omnipresent Santiago Segura and the journalist Juan del Val, husband of Nuria Roca. For his part, the fashion presenter Roberto Leal will be the master of ceremonies, a job that he will combine with daily work in ‘Pasapalabra’. By the way, the driver has turned in such a way in his new prime time assignment that he suffered a small mishap during the recording: “I took it so seriously that I was at home for a week,” he confesses.

– ‘El Desafío’, the new contest in which Roberto Leal will test eight ‘celebs’

The 8 brave who dare with ‘The challenge’

And who are those well-known characters that we will see compete under the watchful eye of the trio of judges? Well, a powerful casting composed by our legend of synchronized swimming, Gemma Mengual; the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the singer David Bustamante, the actress and presenter Kira Miró; the European champion athlete, Ana Peleteiro; the actors Pablo Puyol and Jorge Sanz and the winner of ‘MasterChef 5’, Jorge Brazález. All of them will be subjected to extreme situations, both mental and physical, in different spectacular tests carried out on set and will be scored according to their attitude, effort and result. In addition, the premiere will be sponsored by Pablo Motos, who will also have to perform at his best in a demanding challenge designed for him.

Tamara Falcó in El HormigueroVIEW GALLERY

– Guaranteed fun! Tamara Falcó already has fellow jurors in her new television program

According to those responsible, ‘The Challenge’ is not intended to be just a great entertainment program. Recorded on a 2,300-square-meter set, you want your participants demonstrate their capacity for self-improvement. For this reason, they will accompany them throughout the week in their training of the tests and will surround them with specialists and professionals to help them and advise them on their objective. Among the varied and demanding range of challenges, there is playing basketball with a bulldozer, driving a car on 300 bottles of beer, learning to play the keyboard and perform with Camela live, recreating the Oscar-winning ‘La, la, land’. .. Of course, after executing them, Tamara Falcó and her colleagues will have the last word with the final verdict.


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