Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery prediction (January 27), odds and odds

On January 27, at 22:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF championship, in which Tara Moore will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will oppose in this fight.

Tennis confrontation Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery will be held on January 27, which gives the athletes more time to prepare for the game. Fans of this sport will be able to watch the match at 22:00 Moscow time. Although Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have been playing tennis for several years, there was previously only one meeting between them, which took place seven years ago. There were five sets in it, and at the end of the match, the future first racket of the world, Robin Montgomery, celebrated the victory.


Bookmakers have begun accepting bets on the Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery tennis match, which will take place on January 27 as part of the popular Masters. Those who want to bet on it also need to do this before 22:00 Moscow time. Although both famous personalities in the world of tennis have played at the highest level for many years, they have never met on the court before.

Tara Moore

This season, Tara Moore has already played a large number of matches, which clearly indicates that the twelfth racket in the world is in good shape, since there was an opportunity to play it. Of course, despite the excellent results in previous tournaments, you shouldn’t pay special attention to them, because those Challengers had opponents of a completely different level, with whom it was easy to take early victories. And since this tournament is much more prestigious and the best rackets of the world have gathered here, it is not so easy to prove yourself. Tara Moore can be glad that she managed to overcome four stages already, but in the last meeting it was a very difficult game, as the first set was completely failed, so I had to play much more carefully. Tara Moore still has difficulty adapting to the court, since almost all the matches played earlier were played on a different surface.

The current form that Robin Montgomery demonstrates is still too far from optimal, so it is necessary to play about a dozen more fights to reach the maximum of his capabilities. So far this year there has been participation in only one tournament, where it was not possible to qualify and break into the main draw. Although, the qualification was not the most difficult opponents. As for this tournament, then Robin Montgomery constantly shows weak results, and last year he was eliminated in the first match. Now the same may well happen, because Robin Montgomery has not yet shown his powerful serve, but only you can see bad play on the back line and a lot of marriage at the reception. In part, this can also be attributed to the beginning of the season and the fact that Robin Montgomery does not really know how to play on hard, preferring clay courts more. But, if Robin Montgomery does not begin to work on improving his game, he may leave the top hundred of the rating.

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Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery. HOW DO YOU PLAY BETWEEN YOURSELF?

Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery are interesting rivals who always try to show not only high-quality, but also beautiful tennis. The audience just loves it when opponents take to the court in matches with opponents. However, the face-to-face confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things of modern tennis. Plasticity and excellent ball feel are the main trump cards of opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from completely incredible positions. Our experts, predicting this match, drew attention to the coverage of the tournament. They perfectly match the opponents’ playing style, that is, there will be room not only for incredible rallies, but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to defend points on their own serve. In general, winning this match will allow you to advance to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money. Given that the opponents do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to ignore this opportunity. Therefore, the fight in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will turn out to be protracted, and on this we base our predictions for the match. You can find them below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself, as we believe that it will be an amazing spectacle that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

Tara Moore is in excellent shape for this tournament, so she will try to make every effort to defend last year’s title. Up to this stage, five fights have already been played, and in all of them there were not only easy victories, but not a single game was lost. But the opponents were not the weakest, so this once again confirms that Tara Moore is not at the peak of her capabilities, so few people will be able to stop the tennis star. Tara Moore cannot boast of the strongest serve, but she has a high speed, and little effort was spent on previous matches. Tara Moore tries to focus on the first serve not on strength, but simply uses a lot of variations, trying to confuse the opponent. In the draws, Tara Moore demonstrates consistently, plays reliably when exchanging blows on the back line, and in terms of combining play, there are currently no worthy competitors.

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Despite a well-run last season, there is little hope that Robin Montgomery will play well this year. Since the end of last year was heavily overloaded with matches, there was simply not enough time to fully recuperate, which means that Robin Montgomery cannot be at his peak. The last tournament ended in the second round, and I had to refuse to continue the fight, as I began to feel pain in my back. After that, they took a break for two weeks, so there is still a chance that Robin Montgomery is now feeling better and will be able to demonstrate more strength on the court. Moreover, now it is necessary to play on hard, and with speed everything is in order. Robin Montgomery always moves quickly around the court and perfectly chooses the position when receiving, so that it is extremely rare that he allows himself to be driven into an uncomfortable situation.

Today the match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

The excellent performance of the athletes in the previous rounds of the tournament could not go unnoticed by our experienced analysts. Therefore, as soon as the bookmakers offered a line for a match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery would meet, the analysts of our portal immediately began looking for interesting bets on this match. Considering the personal meetings of athletes, we noticed that the struggle between them is always quite tight, none of the rivals has a visible advantage. In addition, Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery play aggressive tennis, trying to complete the rallies in two or three hits, which allows them to conserve strength to protect points on their serve. To make high-quality forecasts, our experts try to study as much information as possible regarding the performance of athletes at the tournament. The history of the performances of today’s opponents is quite bright here. Both Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have made it to the final rounds of the tournament on several occasions. This suggests that the tournament coverage allows them to play tennis that is comfortable for them, therefore, it can be assumed that this year the opponents will make every effort to break through the tournament grid as far as possible, which means that the match is mandatory there will be wrestling and interesting combinations that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

Judging by the number of finals and titles that Tara Moore has to her credit during her career, the question of the favorite in the tennis match, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet, disappears by itself. Our analysts and bookmaker analysts do not see an opportunity that will allow the outsider to win this match. Robin Montgomery, in principle, is not an outsider, judging by the rating, but Tara Moore surpasses her opponent in all respects. The only thing that has any doubts is whether the favorite of the match will be able to break the odds declared by the bookmakers. In principle, judging by personal meetings, here the handicap is set correctly. In the lion’s share of matches between tennis players, the handicap either fought its way through the favorite, or did not break through. So, our analysts decided not to guess, but just to skip the bet on the handicap in this match, since it would be wrong to predict bets either for or against the handicap. But the total total games offered by the bookmakers aroused our interest. Based on the current form of the athletes, we concluded that it is unlikely that Robin Montgomery will be able to win the set against the opponent, so we expect an easy victory for the favorite here. This means that the bookmakers overestimated the total total of games by 1-2 games. We decided to take advantage of this, and recommend bettors to bet on the total less, especially since Tara Moore feels much more comfortable on this type of coverage than her opponent.

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For the match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet, the bookmakers offered a rather interesting line. Recall that the bookmakers make up the line for tennis matches based on the rating and the current form of athletes. Judging by how the rivals started the season, they are ready to show high results in all tournaments in which they take part. Therefore, our analysts believe that the line set by the bookmakers is correct. However, this did not prevent us from carefully analyzing the possibility of winning one and the other athlete in this match, and offering our predictions for this confrontation. We know that now in tennis there is a serious battle for places in the ranking. The situation is such that a number of tennis players have excellent chances to improve their position in the ranking by taking a higher place. To do this, you need to show consistently high results at all major tournaments. And this tournament is no exception. Now the most important stages are beginning, and the further the opponents go through the tournament grid, the more rating points they will receive for participating in the tournament. Therefore, now all athletes will act at the limit of their capabilities, actively playing not only on their serve, but also clinging to every point on the opponent’s serve. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will play a spectacular and active match, in which they will delight the audience with a bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.


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