Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery Prediction (January 27th, 2021), Betting And Odds

On January 27 at 22:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF championship, in which Tara Moore will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will oppose in this fight.

Since the tennis match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery will be held on January 27, every day there is more and more excitement around it. There will be no doubt that at 22:00 Moscow time there will not be a single empty seat in the stands, and many TV viewers will take their places near the screens. The only face-to-face meeting took place four years ago, and then she showed that Tara Moore at that time was much stronger than Robin Montgomery.


Tara Moore has only a couple of days to rest, because on January 27, she will have to play in the next round of the tournament, and Robin Montgomery will be her opponent. Moscow time, tennis professionals will appear on the court at 22:00. If we consider the statistics of this confrontation, then Tara Moore has small chances of winning, since previously there were only two won matches against seven lost.

Tara Moore

In most of her won fights, Tara Moore gains the upper hand due to a strong serve, because besides her there is nothing more to brag about. But, if Tara Moore seizes the initiative from the first minutes and constantly submits, then the opponent has little chance of salvation. One match has already been played at this tournament, which was played very confidently. The pitch worked at the highest level, so the opponent didn’t have a single break point. Tara Moore is now in good physical shape, which was seen in all previous matches of the season, because even if you had to play five sets, you did not see much fatigue at the end of the match. The profile surface is clay, but Tara Moore also has play on hard courts, and this season there have been enough matches on hard courts to get used to such a surface.

Robin Montgomery

Robin Montgomery has too hot temper, which does not allow him to act stably on the court. In this match, you will again have to give vent to your emotions, as the opponent will be a serious one, who will also work better with his feet. But, on the other hand, Robin Montgomery acts confidently on the back line, so he shows a good level when exchanging blows. Robin Montgomery knows how to play in the hall on a hard surface, because if you take the last season, then there were seven such fights, of which six ended in victories. Robin Montgomery has a powerful serve, and although he is not very fast on the court, he demonstrates a constant variability of shots, so it is extremely difficult to predict the direction of the ball. Robin Montgomery has no problems with motivation, because although the tournament is not very significant, it is necessary to go as far as possible in it so as not to lose rating points.

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For a long time, Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery could not cross rackets to determine who is the best athlete today. For a long time in the world of tennis there is an opinion that these athletes are now the best, but before this tournament the paths of tennis players did not intersect, so it was not easy to say which of them deserves the title of the best athlete on tennis Olympus. Tennis lovers, as well as world experts and forecasters, among whom there are employees of our site, believe that the result of this meeting will answer many questions. The media also do not stop actively discussing this match, offering not only to watch this confrontation online, but also actively sharing their predictions. In light of such events, we also decided to offer tennis fans predictions for the central match of the tournament, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet. This will be a confrontation between worthy rivals, since tennis players are significantly superior to their counterparts both in physical and psychological preparation. The talks revolve around whether one of the opponents will manage to win with little blood, or the fans will face a tense confrontation, the winner of which will be determined by the decisive set. The advantage of the decisive set is that the intrigue is maintained until the end, and only the decisive rally will be able to put an end to this confrontation, determining the winner of the match. And the forecasts from our experts will allow you to watch this match with even greater interest, since bettors will be able to make a variety of bets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Tara Moore is showing the best tennis of her career this season, but it still feels like the most important match in this tournament has already been played. In the last fight, they managed to beat a principled opponent, although before that all personal meetings ended in defeats. Too much emotion was splashed out, so there is a possibility that Tara Moore will no longer be able to demonstrate such an attitude in this match. Tara Moore loves to play at someone else’s speed, being able to act reliably on the back line. The reception of the ball is one of the best in this tournament, because Tara Moore often demonstrates that thanks to a good reception, the situation can be significantly aggravated. Tara Moore is adept at using both sides of the racket, and can also punch powerfully with both left and right hands. Only two days were allotted for rest, so physical fatigue can also be felt if the fight drags on for more than three sets.

Despite his young age, Robin Montgomery demonstrates quite an adult game, so if last season there was another 212nd place in the world tennis rankings, now Robin Montgomery is already in the top hundred. This allowed avoiding qualifying matches at this tournament and getting more time to prepare. There is no doubt that from the very beginning of the game, Robin Montgomery will demonstrate all his attacking power, since he knows how to hit hard with both sides of the racket. In fights where Robin Montgomery takes part, it is very difficult for opponents to correctly return the ball to the court, so 90% of the balls are won on the first serve. On hard surfaces, Robin Montgomery knows how to play, because he has a high speed and good reaction, which allows him to close the entire court, even at a very high pace of play. Due to the fact that Robin Montgomery has more time to rest, there is no doubt that it will turn out to withstand even a very long match.

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Today the match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our analysts have repeatedly stressed that the rating of tennis players is not the most important thing for determining the winner in a particular match. Physical condition, psychological stability, mood and tournament coverage are some of the most important criteria that require the most careful study and analysis to determine the favorite of a tennis match. They are also the primary factors when looking for interesting bets on this or that tennis match. When predicting a match, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will be rivals, the analysts of our portal tried to take into account all these factors. Moreover, the athletes are well acquainted with each other, as their paths crossed at various tournaments. Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have vast experience of performances, as for a number of years they have been demonstrating excellent results, achieving victories and winning titles. The current tournament is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate a high level of training and compete for another trophy. It is still too early to talk about the possibility of reaching the final of the tournament or winning titles, as a very strong lineup of athletes gathered at this tournament. On the other hand, beating a strong athlete and winning the title is a great demonstration of their claims to a higher ranking, and Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will try not to pass up this chance. Our predictions boil down to the fact that the match will be interesting, since it is very difficult to give an unconditional advantage here to one of the opponents.

Our analysts drew attention to a tennis match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will be rivals due to the fact that the bookmakers offered here a very tempting odds for the victory of one of the athletes. If you look at the rating of opponents, you can see that they occupy adjacent lines, but this does not mean that at the moment they are in the same form. Let us remind you that the surface on which this tennis tournament is held is quite specific, not all representatives of tennis feel comfortable on it. Robin Montgomery is one of those athletes who are uncomfortable playing on this type of surface. In fact, Robin Montgomery is playing his second or third match on this surface this season. But Tara Moore just knows how to perform on this surface. This is confirmed by the high stages and titles of a number of tournaments. Based on this, our analysts propose to bet on the fact that Tara Moore will win the match, and the bookmakers offer an unreasonably high coefficient for this event. We also have an offer for this match for more risky bettors – this is a negative handicap of our favorite. Tara Moore won without any problems in the personal meetings that the rivals held among themselves on this type of coverage, so we see no reason not to confidently win this match. The same applies to the overall total of games, which we recommend playing at less, since Tara Moore is unlikely to drag out the match with an opponent for whom the coverage is not core.

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For a long time, only a few athletes were at the top of the world tennis rankings. In fact, the composition of the main contenders for trophies in a particular tournament remained unchanged. However, over the years, everything has changed significantly. Young people are beginning to catch up with representatives of the elite elite in terms of the level of play, and young talents try not only to impose a struggle, they go to the court to win, as evidenced by a number of unexpected results at the most prestigious tournaments. Tennis sensations are happening everywhere, and this is no surprise. Our analysts have long realized that it is necessary to restructure the approach to predicting tennis matches. It is necessary to pay more attention to analytics, paying attention to the statistical indicators of athletes on a particular type of coverage, it is necessary to abandon the analysis of matches based only on the rating of athletes. The fact is that only a small part of tennis players are generalists who can demonstrate stable results on all types of surfaces. Most athletes perform best in tennis with only one type of surface. Thus, the analysts of our portal emphasize that high-quality forecasting of tennis matches is impossible without understanding a number of factors. We tried to use these factors in the analysis of the match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet; a detailed forecast for this interesting tennis match can be read below. We hope that the fans will not be disappointed with the athletes’ performance.


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