Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery prediction (January 27th), bets and odds

On January 27, 2021 at 22:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF championship, in which Tara Moore will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will oppose in this fight.

Since the tennis match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery will be held on January 27, 2021, every day there is more and more excitement around it. There will be no doubt that at 22:00 Moscow time there will not be a single free seat in the stands, and many viewers will take their places near the screens. The only face-to-face meeting took place four years ago, and then she showed that Tara Moore at that time was much stronger than Robin Montgomery.

Tara Moore has only a couple of days to rest, because on January 27, 2021, she will need to play in the next round of the tournament, and Robin Montgomery will be her opponent. Moscow time, tennis professionals will appear on the court at 22:00. If we consider the statistics of this confrontation, then Tara Moore has small chances of winning, since previously there were only two won matches against seven lost.

Tara Moore

At the moment, Tara Moore is the most experienced player in this tennis tournament, because she is 32 years old, and has been participating in this Masters for the eighth year in a row. There were no particular successes, except that one day it turned out to reach the semifinals, but there is no doubt that Tara Moore will definitely get into the top eight. So far, only one match was played, where they managed to beat a more eminent opponent, who was not in the best shape, so he was losing a lot of real opportunities, and Tara Moore demonstrates that you can realize your every break point. Tara Moore is good at hitting both forehand and backhand, and is also not afraid of grass courts, because a huge number of matches have been played on this surface, including this season. The only weak point is the back line, because Tara Moore often loses it, allowing opponents to use it.

At this tournament, Robin Montgomery performs regularly, and there has never been such a thing as to fail to reach at least the quarterfinals. In six years, they managed to win two victories, so that Robin Montgomery is again among the main favorites and will try to meet the expectations of the fans. The latter is especially important as the tournament is at home and Robin Montgomery feels a huge responsibility. At the beginning of the season, six matches have already been played, of which four have been won. Two defeats were quite expected, since clearly stronger opponents came across, who eventually became the winners of those tournaments. The clay courts are specialized, and this season Robin Montgomery will no longer adapt to them, since three fights took place on this surface. Robin Montgomery often uses defensive tactics, relying on quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

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Match forecast

Everything is already ready for the start of the match, the main characters of which will be Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery. Athletes are well known to lovers of tennis, as they always take part in major tournaments, in which they manage to get to the pre-final and final stages, delighting fans of this sport with a bright and spectacular game. In the first rounds of the tournament, the rivals easily overcame the resistance of their counterparts, which allowed them to secure their participation in this match. However, today’s confrontation will not be so easy, since the opponents are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their counterparts’ play, so they practiced playing in the most uncomfortable style for the opponent. Our experts suggest that athletes are quite capable of demonstrating something new, changing their usual style of play, which will allow them to count on success in this match. The psychological attitude will also be of great importance for success. Although, judging by the results of the current season, the athletes have no problems with this, they understand the importance of victories at such a major tournament, therefore they try to surpass their rivals not only in technique, but also in psychology, and when these two factors are combined together, the athlete is practically invincible … Many believe that the factor of face-to-face confrontations has its own significance on the result, since it can psychologically put pressure on opponents. However, our experts disagree. We believe that if the coverage of the tournament and the current form of an athlete coincide, then even an advantage in past confrontations cannot guarantee the opponent’s victory. It is important to act here and now, showing the best tennis and achieving high results.

After four titles were won in 2016, of which three were just on hard, everyone expected Tara Moore to play at least as good last season, but it turned out to be rather weak, since there was not a single victory on a serious tournament. And the matches were played much less, and the results in them were worse, so I had to drop from the fifth place in the ranking to the 26th place in world tennis. There was a lot of training in the offseason, so it is hoped that Tara Moore will demonstrate a more familiar level of tennis this season and get involved in the fight for prestigious trophies. Moreover, Tara Moore most of all loves to play in halls on hard surfaces, since this tournament can become a springboard for new successes. Despite her young age, Tara Moore already has good experience in professional tennis, and can also demonstrate a considerable arsenal of technical skills.

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Despite his young age, Robin Montgomery demonstrates quite an adult game, so if last season there was another 212nd place in the world tennis rankings, now Robin Montgomery is already in the top hundred. This allowed avoiding qualifying matches at this tournament and getting more time for preparation. There is no doubt that from the very beginning of the game, Robin Montgomery will demonstrate all his attacking power, as he knows how to hit hard with both sides of the racket. In fights where Robin Montgomery takes part, it is very difficult for opponents to correctly return the ball to the court, so 90% of the balls are won on the first serve. On hard surfaces, Robin Montgomery knows how to play, because he has a high speed and good reaction, which allows you to close the entire court, even at a very high pace of play. Due to the fact that Robin Montgomery has more time to rest, there is no doubt that it will turn out to withstand even a very long match.

Today the match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our analysts have repeatedly stressed that the rating of tennis players is not the most important thing for determining the winner in a particular match. Physical condition, psychological stability, mood and tournament coverage are some of the most important criteria that require the most careful study and analysis to determine the favorite of a particular tennis match. They are also the primary factors when looking for interesting bets on a particular tennis match. When predicting a match, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will be rivals, the analysts of our portal tried to take into account all these factors. Moreover, the athletes are well acquainted with each other, since their paths crossed at various tournaments. Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have vast experience of performances, as for a number of years they have shown excellent results, achieve victories and win titles. The current tournament is an excellent opportunity for them to demonstrate a high level of preparation and compete for another trophy. It is too early to talk about the possibility of reaching the final of the tournament or winning titles, as a very strong lineup of athletes gathered at this tournament. On the other hand, beating a strong athlete and winning the title is a great demonstration of their claims to a higher ranking, and Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will try not to miss this chance. Our predictions boil down to the fact that the match will be interesting, since it is very difficult to give an unconditional advantage here to one of the opponents.

We drew attention to the tennis match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet, as it promises to be an excellent spectacular confrontation, given the peculiarity of the surface on which the tournament is held. Athletes who will take part in the match feel great on this type of coverage. This is evidenced by the results of their performances, both in the current season and in previous years. In addition, Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have already met each other at this tournament several years ago. The result of that match still shocks tennis fans, since the opposition itself lasted for several days, repeatedly interrupted due to precipitation. Bookmakers, according to our analysts, correctly set the odds for this match. However, looking at the total total games offered in the line, we think that it would be a mistake not to play it for more, especially since tennis players will obviously try to put a lot of effort into protecting their own serves. Taking into account that playing at the reception is not the strongest side of the athletes, we are expecting a series of tight sets here, in which, most likely, to determine the winner, tennis players will have to play tie-breaks, that is, in football terms, shoot a penalty. Many bookmakers offer another interesting bet: the first set is equal to the second. Again, the features of the coverage, and the personal meeting between the athletes speaks in favor of this rate. We hope that tennis players have not lost their skills on the eve of the match and the audience will even witness a protracted confrontation.

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We have repeatedly said that in modern tennis there are more and more bright and interesting matches, in which outsiders not only impose a fight on the favorites, but also defeat them. This is due to the fact that modern tennis has become younger. More and more talented juniors appear who, at a young age, declare themselves as future top tennis players. The old-timers of tennis, who for a long time held the leading positions in the world rankings, are now very difficult, since the youth are full of strength, participate in a large number of tournaments and are not so prone to fatigue and injury. Of course, young talents still lack experience and skill, but the desire to win more than compensates for all the shortcomings. Therefore, tennis fans become witnesses not only bright matches, but also unexpected results. This state of affairs suits everyone, including bookmakers, who rub their hands and earn money on betting bets on favorites. Our analysts decided to put an end to this. We carefully select matches, analyze them, offering only high-quality predictions, bets on which at a distance will bring bettors a guaranteed profit. With our help, you can not only enjoy interesting tennis, but also win on bets. Therefore, do not miss our next tennis match prediction, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will be rivals.



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