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But this does not interfere with congratulating every teacher on Teacher’s Day. Ukrainian officials expressed their gratitude. Editorial channel 24 joins them and appreciates their work. Especially now, in these difficult times for our state.

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Everyone deserves the highest awards

In her congratulations, the First Lady Elena Zelenskaya remembered the story of a teacher from Chernigov, Natalia Pesotskaya. She spent almost a month in the basements of the boarding school together with 30 small pupils. The woman comforted them, fed and educated them. After that, she was taken to safe places, away from enemy shells.

Elena Zelenskaya thanked all Ukrainian teachers / Photo from Zelenskaya’s telegram

“Since I learned the story of Chernihiv teacher Natalya Pesotskaya, I often tell it so that the whole world knows what they are, our teachers, for whom their work is more than work, and the main professional quality is to be a person,” Zelenskaya stressed. .

She personally presented Natalya Pesotskaya with the national Global Teacher Prize Ukraine. And on Teacher’s Day, she noted that every Ukrainian teacher deserves the highest award. The first lady noted that they all became heroes from the first day of the war. Zelenskaya stressed that every teacher is no longer just teaching. He uplifts and inspires his students and their families.

I often say that the reconstruction of a country begins with people. From each of us, from our physical and moral condition. And the opportunity to learn and teach is just part of that recovery. If, against all odds, our children are learning, we have already won. And you won this victory, dear teachers,
she added.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky notedthat both our country and our people are now taking the exam. It tests our endurance, strength, courage and maturity. Such a test of survival. And the whole world sees how we have been coping for 8 years and 221 days of a full-scale war.

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Zelensky showed how teachers work in war conditions / Photo from Zelensky’s telegram

He sees who the Ukrainians are. He sees the result of your work – educators, teachers, teachers. All those who, through their conscientious work, brought up young, strong, devoted to Ukraine patriots, who today bravely defend the freedom of our state,
Zelensky stressed.

Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko also thanked teachers for their titanic work, for big hearts and love for Ukrainian children. He stressed that some of the teachers went to fight, while others stayed to continue teaching children.

Klitschko congratulated teachers in the capital and throughout Ukraine / Photo from Klitschko’s telegram

Klitschko also noted that now 70.5 thousand specialists work in the institutions of secondary, preschool and out-of-school education in the capital. Among them, more than 40.5 thousand are teachers.

  • 195 teachers are fighting for Ukraine at the front;
  • 143 teachers – internally displaced persons began their work in educational institutions in Kyiv.

Happy holiday, dear teachers! Strength to you, grateful students and pupils, well-being and the most important thing today – Victory!,
he wrote.

Teachers cherish the future of Ukraine

Head of the Lugansk OVA Sergey Gaidai also congratulated teachers on their professional holiday. He stressed that the profession of a teacher is a concern for the future of our state. Therefore, he is proud that the majority of Ukrainian teachers have not betrayed themselves and Ukraine. They, although remotely, continue to teach children.

He recalled what that whole “Russian world” is: repressions, coercion to cooperate with the occupiers, participation in pseudo-referendums and extras for commercials. Everything that has nothing to do with the educational process.
Sergey Gaidai wished not to lose optimism, and find inspiration for work.

May the highest reward for your civic feat be new generations of Ukrainian youth, for whom our country and its spiritual and national values ​​will become the basis for worldview and life principles,
he added.

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In addition, Sergei Gaidai published a poem by the director of the Arapovskaya gymnasium of the Trinity village council of the Kirilchuk Valley. It was called “Kozhen z us vibir mav” and is dedicated to Heroes and traitors:

Each of us had a choice:
Someone with a weapon stood
Defend Ukraine and freedom,
Someone hid in the bushes,
Feeling terrified
Complained about the state and fate.

Each of us had a choice:
Someone did not serve
To murderers, inhumans, monstrous monsters.
Someone bent the spine,
The enemy sang a hymn
Under the bloody, foreign tricolor.

Each of us had a choice…
The time of payment has come:
Someone will spread not his shoulders, but his wings,
Someone to carry forever
There will be darkness of shame
And he will go to the grave dishonored.

Head of the Chernihiv OVA Vyacheslav Chaus joined the congratulations teachers. He dedicated a few lines to them. We will leave them unedited:

In a bright classroom, behind a monitor, in a shelter or even from a dugout.
In Ukrainian and about Ukrainian even in Russian captivity.
For dozens of pairs of inquisitive eyes and for each one separately.
With fire and love in your heart.
Because otherwise this work cannot be done.
Happy holiday, dear educators!

Congratulated teachers on their professional holiday and the head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko. He noted that we do not choose the time in which to live. We do not choose circumstances. Each of us consciously determines our actions.

Kirilenko also added that in the Donetsk region, the enemy completely destroyed 29 schools and destroyed another 283. In total, 648 educational institutions were damaged at the hands of the invaders.

Pavel Kirilenko congratulated teachers on Teacher’s Day: video

We know that a school, technical school, lyceum, university is much more than just a building. These are, first of all, people and the values ​​that they profess. And as long as you are, our education will continue until then. During the years of our independence, generations of children who do not know Soviet slavery have already grown up,
he stressed.

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Kirilenko stressed that we would certainly rebuild the schools destroyed by the enemy. Ukrainian teachers will fill them with deep content. Therefore, he thanked each teacher for their zeal and love for their work.

Joined the congratulations also head of the Nikolaev OVA Vitaly Kim. He stressed that educators are now are fighting for the most valuable thing – for a peaceful and happy future for Ukrainian children. And they do it even under daily shelling, because they know that knowledge is very important.

Dear teachers, Happy Holidays! You help parents and children live in difficult conditions of war and believe in Victory. You keep your super-important front,
he added.

A touching song dedicated to Teacher’s Day was dedicated to teachers: video

The deputy head of the Kherson Regional Council also congratulated the teachers Yuri Sobolevsky. He stressed that the occupation did not break the teachers. They are continued and continue to support Ukraine. Even though they live in difficult conditions.

“However, the teachers of the Kherson region showed their invincibility, courage, devotion to the profession, to children, to the country. An example of the brave inhabitants of the Kherson region. Because for them, being a teacher is not just a profession – it is more than a job. To be a teacher in the Kherson region is to set an example for this world how it is to be, first of all, a person!”, he stressed.

Thanks to each teacher for his titanic work and for the fact that he worries about little Ukrainians. Together we bring the day of victory closer. And it will definitely come soon!

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