Tec and University of Illinois at Chicago design for the home office

Product Design, Strategic Design and Research Collaborative Program is a multicultural design project focused on create decent spaces for work at home (home office) in which students from Tec Guadalajara.

The proposal arises by identifying the need of people to have a suitable place in the home for work activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this exercise students participated voluntarily eighth semester of the career of Industrial design (LDI) del campus with work in the Wood Laboratory.

They also work in remote collaboration with students from the College of Architecture, Design and Arts of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), thanks to a previous academic agreement.

Home office: a new area of ​​opportunity

Claudio Monterrubio, Tec professor at the School of Architecture, Art and Design (EAAD), commented: “The objective of the project is that the students identify that new area of ​​opportunity.

“And seek to satisfy those new needs based on the ‘home-office’ y ‘workplaces in new spaces’at the same time have a professional experience multicultural”.

“Students put into practice the skills of the class and learn to work with quality at a distance, in real companies and internationally.”

The project is carried out through virtual sessions during the semester of February-June 2021 and was linked to the subjects of: Design of Products and Systems II and Professional Insertion Project.

“Students developed skills in decision making, problem solving, leadership, market research, strategic and sustainable design”, Monterrubio indicated.

Tec Guadalajara and University of Chicago design furniture for home offices

design for the home office

Thus, the students’ proposals included aspects of new uses of space how:

  1. Design based on circular economy processes.
  2. Spaces for online education for children.
  3. Friendly buildable and practical products.
  4. Efficient design with the minimum of space consumed.
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Likewise, the EAAD associated as advisors and evaluators (training partners) to design companies: Interior Innovation, from New York, and VERSA, from Guadalajara.

For its part, the company VERSA selected 3 concepts of the project to manufacture its prototypes, given the commercial feasibility and good design.

Tec Guadalajara and University of Chicago design furniture for home offices

In addition, Tec students work on the development of 2 full-scale prototypes in order to also get technical and manufacturing skills.

“It was a good opportunity where the students put into practice the skills of the class and learn to work with quality remotelyin real companies and internationally”, concluded the scholar.

Carrying out this project in wood laboratory of the Engineering, Art and Design (EIAD) Building on campus is a high-level academic experience linked to prestigious institutions.

The rapprochement between Tec teachers and the UIC was thanks to the efforts of the Tec delegate, Juan José Cabrera. of the Vice-Rectory for Internationalization. And the professor who led this academic effort was Juan Ignacio Michel.

This area has been committed to encouraging its delegates within universities to focus on academia, by teaching classes and doing research both at the Tec and at the university that hosts them.

This is one more example of the kind of high level challenges and that allow the development of real proposals and solutions to specific problems that are part of the Tec21 Educational Model.

This educational model is based on challenge-based learning, with flexibility, inspiring teachers and a memorable student experience.

The Tec Guadalajara resumed limited laboratory practice essentials from different races and some outdoor activities of the area of ​​Leadership and Student Training (LiFE) of Professional.

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This, as part of the strategy Conscious returnfor which implemented special measures who watch over the health of their student community.


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