Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction (03.01.2021), odds and odds

On January 03, 2021 at 02:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local Tennessee Volunteers club will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide national championship rival.


On January 03, 2021, matches of the prestigious basketball tournament resume again, and the first match will be the Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide, which starts at 02:00 Moscow time. There are principal rivals who represent the same region, so they play several matches each year. Last year, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball players were in much better shape, so they managed to win all the head-to-head games.

At 02:00 Moscow time, the players of the Tennessee Volunteers and Alabama Crimson Tide clubs will enter the basketball court. The tournament organizers are going to hold this game on January 03, 2021. The last time the teams met on the court two months ago, and then the basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrated a landslide victory. But, if we take all the statistics of this confrontation, then BC Tennessee Volunteers was stronger in it, winning 87 matches out of 134 head-to-head meetings.

Tennessee Volunteers

In the last round, the winning streak of the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club, which lasted twelve rounds, was interrupted. This did not affect the standings in any way, so the hosts continue to be in second place in the championship. Tennessee Volunteers are notable for their strong play with native fans, so the team is unlikely to allow the second defeat in a row. The hosts are the best offensive players this season, regularly gaining at least a hundred points per match. The defense of the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club is also reliable, because if the team had defeats, it was only in one case that the difference exceeded eight points. One of the key basketball players has been disqualified, and a point guard has been out of action for a long time, so the head coach will have to build his team’s game differently. It’s good at least that the hosts have a sufficient number of players in stock.

In the offseason, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club spent more than $ 100 million on transfers, but most of the newcomers are still unable to demonstrate the expected level. Yes, the invitation of a new coach, who is a very experienced specialist, paid off, because the team played better. But, nevertheless, the guests are not in the lead in the tournament, but simply are among the top eight. With the current mentor, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club played stronger in the attack, as the players began to act more diversely, and during the attack, absolutely all the basketball players on the court run to someone else’s ring. Sometimes this allows the opponent to carry out a successful counterattack, but since the guests demonstrate an excellent realization of their own chances, it is easy to block successful throws of the opposing team at the expense of their own points. Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide has no staffing problems ahead of this game.

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Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide: Author’s Forecast

The Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Club will end their home streak with a match scheduled for January 03, 2021. This time the hosts’ rival will be the Alabama Crimson Tide, so at 02:00 Moscow time the fans in the stands should see a real spectacle. The last time the teams played against each other two months ago, and then the victory with a score of 132-126 was won by the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club. The same team leads in the overall statistics of the confrontation.

Tennessee Volunteers’ basketball club has already made a splash this season by making its way to the playoffs. Progress in comparison with previous years is obvious, because not so long ago the team did not play at all in the top division, but showed modest results, having mediocre basketball players. In general, the hosts spend an even season, in which there were no sharp declines, and it is difficult to single out a leader in the team, because matches often happen in which all twelve announced players score points. The head coach constantly changes the starting lineup, which not only motivates basketball players to give their best on the court, but also gives them time to recover. The Tennessee Volunteers basketball club plays especially well at home, so the fans hope that in this match the hosts will please with a large number of points.

Last season, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club became the winner of this tournament, so this year the guests would love to defend their title. In the regular season, the team started poorly, but then got in shape, so a ticket to the playoffs was secured well in advance. Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide had already secured the fourth place in the standings, so in the remaining rounds of the regular season many reserve players entered the court, and the results were far from the best. It is clear that in the playoffs the Alabama Crimson Tide will play with its strongest line-up, especially since most of the key performers have had time to rest, so they will come up to important fights in optimal shape. During this time, the team’s infirmary was also almost empty, because now there is only one defender, but he did not often get into the base.

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Today the match Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

It became known that the Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide basketball meeting will take place on January 03, 2021, so the players will have enough time to prepare for the match. The basketball players of these teams will appear on the court at 02:00 Moscow time. If we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, then the favorite is obvious, since the hosts of this match won eight victories in the last ten head-to-head matches, having suffered only two defeats.

The Tennessee Volunteers basketball club has been very stable this season, so the arrival of a new head coach has clearly benefited the team. The mentor perfectly senses which player, when it is better to release to the court, and when it is better not to include a basketball player in the application at all. Losing to the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club is very rare, because if you take the last twenty matches, then there were only three defeats. The coach set up a defensive game for the team, so the defenders began to act much more reliably and make a lot of interceptions in each match. And the attack began to act more outside the box, so it is more difficult for the opponents to predict the team’s playing style. The French light forward missed the last matches, but he should soon recover from damage, as the team will have a difficult calendar next, according to which it will be difficult to play without this player.

After flying out of the international tournament, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club is fully focused on this championship, where the team needs to gain a foothold in the playoff zone. The guests are currently fifth, but there is such a dense concentration of teams below that in the event of even two defeats, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club may be outside the first eight. This season, the team is too home, because at home there were only three defeats, and the Alabama Crimson Tide won all the other matches. But, on the road, it will not be possible to boast of such results, since there have already been eight lost matches. Nevertheless, the guests are now in excellent shape, because after a minimal defeat of one point from the leader of the tournament there were three confident victories at once. Four basketball players of the team are currently under the supervision of doctors, but none of them plays a key role.

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TODAY MATCH Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

In the offseason, management made a huge mistake by letting go of three key players, so now the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club is performing terribly, losing to almost everyone. It is not surprising that the hosts are on the last line, and it will not be easy to even climb one place higher in the championship, since the gap is already very large. There is absolutely no coherence in the actions of the Tennessee Volunteers basketball players, so the team plays poorly in defense, and even worse shows itself in attack, because only in rare matches it is possible to score a large number of points. In the last eight bouts, the Tennessee Volunteers have won only two matches, and even then they were against teams that are also at the bottom of the standings. Not only are there almost no experienced players left in the hosts, the main center will definitely not play in this fight, but both forwards may also miss the game.

At the moment, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club is in the process of restructuring, because there is a generational change. There are practically no experienced veterans left in the team, so the mentor has to rely on young basketball players, but not all of them are now ready to play at such a high level. All this leads to a weak performance of the team, so that the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide is now at the bottom of the standings and does not even have a theoretical chance of making it to the playoffs. But the management does not put pressure on the mentor, realizing that it takes time to build a new team, and not a lot of money is allocated for transfers. In most matches, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club acts in a defensive manner, due to the lack of bright attacking basketball players. In addition, the only heavy forward in the team was out for two months, and there is no adequate replacement for him.


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