Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction (03 January), odds and odds

On 03/01/2021 at 02:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local Tennessee Volunteers club will host the Alabama Crimson Tide national championship rival.


After several away matches, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club is finally returning to its home walls, where it will have a fight against BC Alabama Crimson Tide on 03/01/2021. The game will start at 02:00 Moscow time. For five years the teams have not played with each other, since they did not play together in this tournament. But, if we take into account the history of personal meetings, then it speaks in favor of the current guests.

Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide. WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

The duel between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball clubs was going to be held last month, but due to the participation of many players in the matches of the national teams, the meeting was postponed to 01/03/2021. It will start at 02:00 Moscow time. Since the teams represent one Division, they regularly meet on the basketball court, and this season there have already been three fights in which the hosts of this game looked stronger, having won all three victories.

Tennessee Volunteers

Now the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club is going through another crisis again. After a weak start to the season, there was a good segment, in which the team won thirteen victories in fifteen rounds, but now the hosts again disappoint the fans, having lost three matches in a row. Such results lowered the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club to fifth place, but if the hosts do not get out of the crisis, they may fall significantly lower. If the team still has no problems with defense, then the realization of the chances fails, since the players often do not use almost one hundred percent opportunities. It’s good at least that the Tennessee Volunteers do not lose often at home, as basketball players are always ready to demonstrate incredible motivation. In the hosts’ infirmary are the center and point guard.

Literally from the first rounds, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club managed to break out into the leaders and now the team continues to lead the standings. In addition, the guests constantly manage to slightly increase the gap, so there is no longer any doubt which team will win the regular season. It can be seen that the head coach began to rotate little by little, trying to bring his players in great shape to the playoffs. But, even if reserve players appear on the court, this does not affect the result, because the last time the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide lost at the beginning of last month, and the winning streak is already fifteen matches. Away the team plays no worse than at home, gaining more than 110 points almost always. At the moment, only deep reserve players are injured in the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club.

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Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide: author’s forecast

Bookmakers have already started accepting bets on the Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide basketball game, despite the fact that it should only pass on 01/03/2021. Fans of this sport can follow the progress of the game at 02:00 Moscow time. The history of this confrontation began in the last century, and for all the time the teams played 243 matches against each other. In them, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club scored 187 victories, and one of them was already just this season.

In recent years, the Tennessee Volunteers have been one of the strongest basketball clubs in this tournament, but at the moment the team is not in the best condition, as it cannot find its game. After a weak start to the season, the head coach was dismissed, and the new mentor cannot achieve stability from his charges, since many basketball players show weak physical shape and are simply not ready to play at this level. If the basketball players of the Tennessee Volunteers club are still doing well at someone else’s ring, then the defensive play is much worse than last year, since the team allows almost every opponent to gain a lot of points. In part, the failures in defense can be attributed to permanent injuries, since at the moment there are two attacking defenders in the infirmary, which are key. And now the team still doesn’t have players who can shoot three-pointers.

Last month, basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide played downright poorly, with only two wins, which lowered the team a little in the standings. But, this month, the guests were still able to get together, so they show a much better game. Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide acts reliably on the defensive and attacks much more powerful, so now it’s hard to believe that the team is not having the most stable season. The improvement in the game was due to the fact that two key basketball players returned to service, on whom all the tactics of the head coach were based. Both basketball players, after returning in each match, gain more than twenty points, which allows the team to win. Yes, there are still several basketball players in the infirmary, but almost all of them are reserve players, with the exception of the attacking defender, but the head coach has someone else to release to this position.

Today Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide match Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

On 03/01/2021, you can bet on the basketball confrontation between Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide, in which some of the main contenders for victory in this tournament meet. A pre-match bet on this match will be possible until 02:00 Moscow time, until the siren sounds and the game starts. According to the statistics of previous meetings, it is not so easy to determine the obvious favorite, since in the last ten matches each team had five wins.

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The Tennessee Volunteers lost their last match, shaking its position in the standings. The team started the fight very powerfully and after the first quarter was leading in the score, but then the hosts lost dominance on both sides of the court, so they gradually began to lose their point advantage. And in the third period there were four minutes, when the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club allowed the opponent to score seventeen points, which is unacceptable for a team of this level. In general, the hosts show reliable defensive actions and creative offensive play, but there was neither first nor second in the last round. But, since that match was played away, and away Tennessee Volunteers play a little worse than at home, there is a hope that the hosts will be able to show a much better result in this fight. Moreover, there are currently no injured key players in the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club.

After flying out of the international tournament, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club is fully focused on this championship, where the team needs to gain a foothold in the playoff zone. The guests are currently fifth, but there is such a dense concentration of teams below that in the event of even two defeats, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club may be outside the first eight. This season, the team is too home, because at home there were only three defeats, and the Alabama Crimson Tide won all the other matches. But, on the road, it will not be possible to boast of such results, since there have already been eight lost matches. Nevertheless, the guests are now in excellent shape, because after a minimal defeat of one point from the leader of the tournament there were three confident victories at once. Four basketball players of the team are now under the supervision of doctors, but none of them plays a key role.

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TODAY MATCH Tennessee Volunteers – Alabama Crimson Tide. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Previously, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club was one of the strongest in this tournament, but the golden generation of the team is gone, so now the owners show mediocre results, even making their way to the playoffs not every year. This season, the Tennessee Volunteers basketball club can again fly past the top eight, because the hosts are only tenth in the championship, and are already far behind the playoff zone. Yes, the team performs well on its own court, but this is not enough for successful results, since the Tennessee Volunteers’ basketball players practically do not win away. Now the team really lacks stability, since in the last ten matches there were only three wins, and among seven defeats four were with a crushing score. The management does not seek to strengthen the squad through transfers, and this season the hosts are also experiencing staffing problems, because a heavy striker has been out of action for six months, who has no one to replace.

Three years ago, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club changed the owner, who decided to invest a huge amount of money in the development of the team, so that the head coach signs new basketball players during each transfer window, and the team’s results improve every year. If last season the guests fought to get into the playoffs, now there is no doubt that they will finish there. Basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide is third in the championship, and there is even a chance to climb higher in the standings, as the two teams above did not come off very much. On the road, the team plays a little worse than at home, but now the guests are in good shape, because they demonstrate a streak of eight victories, and the last three matches were just away. The leader of the team shows a phenomenal game, gaining double-double in almost every fight. The center may miss the game, but he hasn’t played this season anyway, so the coach has already learned to do without him.



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