Terror in the hypermarket – Diario Córdoba

A coin, the list of the purchase and a cart… I just missed Gasoline. They have asked me if they applied me, for the last time, the discount of the 20 cents or they served it to me. I have told them to discount it, without stopping to think about it, because, in the end, what one is looking for is the relief of believing that one is saving somewhere… It is not a trivial reflection now that I push the cart through the corridors of the super. I feel like I’m in a wind tunnel, blown away by the hyperinflationary current riding that blows from all sides and that lifts my feet off the ground to end up hitting me face-first in the box. And I’m loading the cart with just enough, the essentials, four trifles and little else. I tiptoe past the fishmonger, where the silver of the scales gleams like gold. I don’t even stop at the meat. Fruit? My goodness the fruit… And the cart half full. Or half empty. It depends on the color of my mood with which I look at it. and i remember Putin. Of the son of… And I see the bottom Ukraineand I feel helpless. And I distinguish after the misfortune of others the use of a few. The usual ones. Those who play with pain to fill their pockets in the Russian heat, sheltered in the excuse of the tenant of the Kremlin. are the ones prices shoot upthose who use shields international market tensions to oppress the worker-consumer. The one to whom the businessman left frozen salary years ago and who has seen how his standard of living has been reduced. “This is like the euro» -I hear in the checkout queue-, that rise in exchange prices that did not recede again. “Now he won’t do it either,” they lament in a chorus of sustained complaint. So the forecast is that the madness of the price of a loaf of bread, the insufferable toll of oil and the inadmissibility of the dozen eggs will remain installed… Who sends eggs… And I arrive at the tape of the box with the cart half full. Or half empty. And the cashier adds and adds. And as I watch her pass barcodes I am reminded of Monterofrom Irene, the Minister of Equality, and from the anger of the prices I go to the embarrassment of the consequences, noticed and not attended, of the law of only yes is yesWhat a botch! And the cashier whispers to me: just a few anchovies, no meat and some trifles, more than 200 euros. Y Alaska and the Pegamoids they sing in my ear: “Terror in the hypermarket, horror in the grocery store…”. But the priority was to repeal sedition and reform embezzlement. Well nothing, what I say Ruffian, Gabriel, the guy from ERC… And in the car I put the radio on. Speaks Alfonso Guerra. He says he is “disappointed” with Sánchez, Pedro, the President of the Government; that he has done just the opposite of what he said; that he has left democracy “unprotected” by pleasing his partners so much… A new referendum. And suddenly, oh coincidence, the announcement of VAT reductions on basic foods. Follow the little ball, cup here, cup thereGoodbye to 20 cents, hello to VAT, what is eaten for what is served, and the accounts that do not come out.

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