Teruel and Guadalajara register -25ºC in the coldest night in Spain in 20 years


Teruel and Guadalajara register -25ºC in the coldest night in Spain in 20 years

The storm of snow, wind, cold, waves and rain caused by Filomena leaves in Spain historic snowfalls, five deaths, hundreds of roads cut with hundreds of trapped drivers, and the collapse of many cities with Madrid at the head.

After the storm, this Sunday the thermometers began to drop, reaching temperatures more typical of Russian Siberia or the polar cold of Alaska with generalized and maximum frosts below 0 degrees in the Central and Iberian Systems and vicinity, as well as in other areas from the northeast of Spain.

The whole country, except the Canary Islands, has been immersed in an extreme cold wave since Monday, the peak of which has been reached around dawn and early in the day this Tuesday, after suffering “the coldest night in the entire country at less in 20 years, since the cold wave of 2001 ”, says Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Teruel and Guadalajara register -25ºC

In the town of ‘Bello’ (Teruel) minimums of 25.4 degrees below zero, followed by ‘Molina de Aragon‘(Guadalajara) with -25.2ºC and’ Santa Eulalia del Campo ‘(Terul) with -23ºC. After the night and around nine in the morning, the lowest temperature was measured in Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara), with -25.2 ºC, followed by Calamocha (Teruel), with -21.3, and Teruel capital , with -21 ° C.

Eleven provinces Castilla-La Mancha (Albacete, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo), Community of Madrid, Castilla y León (Ávila, Burgos, Segovia and Soria) and Aragón (Teruel and Zaragoza) are at this time in Red alert by very extreme temperatures of up to 16 degrees below zero.

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