Texas: Universal EV Chargers builds 105 charging stations

The Texas government is awarding $3.2 million in grants to charging infrastructure provider Universal EV Chargers to install 105 charging stations at 21 locations across the state. The focus is on destination chargers in hospitality or apartment buildings.

Universal EV Chargers does not provide any further information on the planned charging infrastructure. In its portfolio, the manufacturer has according to its website both AC wall boxes and columns as well as DC chargers. Which models are used is not clear from the accompanying communication.

Texas currently has a total of 2,139 AC and DC charging stations with 5,100 outlets to power approximately 150,000 registered electric vehicles. Universal EV Chargers also said it received grants from Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware last quarter of the US-wide grant program received for setting up a national network with 500,000 charging stations.

The Texas-based company is a 2021 subsidiary of Universal Green Group. Since it was founded in 2009, the group has primarily made a name for itself as a solar energy specialist. In addition to the Universal EV Chargers unit, the group’s brand portfolio includes the subsidiaries Universal Solar System and Universal Real Estate.
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