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– This is all to whom? Us!? How – to us? For what? – Doctors and nurses of the City Clinical Hospital # 1 watched in shock as the volunteers brought in packages and placed them under the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Then there were hugs (with preliminary “I already have antibodies, I can already” – “I have too”), smiles and even a little tears – from joy. Because they did not expect it.

Chief physician Lyubov Lyalinawet her eyes, she cordially thanked the volunteers and organizers of the action.

– Our clinic was one of the first to be redesigned as an infectious diseases hospital, and since March we have treated 2,500 patients. Of course, fatigue has accumulated. Let’s be honest – we were not ready for this situation, first of all – psychologically. Nobody thought that covid would change our lives like that. Thanks to everyone who helped – fed with hot meals, brought water, bought little things, which are indispensable, like a plaster and batteries … This is very important for us! And for the Christmas trees and gifts, in which so much warmth and love has been invested, thank you twice. You see, all this year we have been living with the word “We must!” We must work, we must endure, we must win. But we are people too, sometimes we also simply no longer have the strength. And that’s when we are given a festive mood like this, as if the wings grow behind our backs. And we are ready to work again, and on New Years, and on any other day.

– We thought for a long time what exactly should be put under the Christmas tree by the doctors, – said one of the organizers of the movement Anna Surkova… – The proposals were different. We agreed that a cozy warm blanket, good hand cream and, of course, a good chocolate bar will never be superfluous.

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Each package was decorated with a children’s drawing – this is how the pupils of children’s art schools and their mentors made their contribution to the holiday for doctors. The drawings turned out to be very different: someone portrayed a Christmas angel, someone – a beloved cat, but there were also drawings in which children depicted the doctors themselves. On one – a kind and large woman, whose face was hidden by a mask, covered a small patient in hospital pajamas, on the other – people in medical clothes were repelling the attack of the coronavirus, depicted in the form of spiked balls, on the third – resuscitators with ropes pulled the soul that had soared back into the body , stretched out on the bed … This drawing, by the way, is the head physician of the infectious diseases hospital Vladimir Khabudaev promised to convey Yuri Lozovsky, the first volunteer physician in the region to go to work in a covid hospital.

– Issues of fundraising, procurement, packaging and delivery of gifts to clinics were decided by the whole world, – added the coordinator of the medical aid headquarters Margarita Lee… – They called companies, asked for help. Nobody refused, although it is clear that times are difficult. Taking this opportunity, once again I thank everyone who helped us – you are unreal! And it is a great happiness to know that there are so many kind, good, sympathetic people nearby.

Natalya Saraeva, Deputy Chief Physician of the IOCB, and Olga Larionova, Head of the Siberian Design Institute

Olga Larionova, the head of the Siberian Design Institute, personally brought a hundred gifts to the regional hospital.

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– For me, doctors are special people. Facing pain every day and not hardening is how much love you need to have in your heart? Of course, when we were offered to take part in this action, there was no doubt. We not only donated funds, but also gladly helped the volunteers deliver everything to their destination. And I am very glad that I was able to come to the hospital and say my “thanks” to the doctors.

Margarita Lee, Anna Surkova, Artem Tomash and Lyubov Lyalina

The doctors of the regional hospital and City Clinical Hospital # 10 were even more lucky: they received not only gifts from volunteers, but also plastic picks and holders for masks from the pupils of the Quantorium Baikal children’s technopark.

– These are 150 protective screens and 500 holders for masks, – the head of the technopark points to the bulky boxes Anton Gladkov… – For a month, the guys and I have implemented this project.

Anton Gladkov, Head of the Quantorium Technopark

First, young technicians developed 3D models of future products, and then they themselves cut them out on a laser machine.

– The screens are reusable, the headquarters bought us good plastic. They will withstand any disinfection and will not become cloudy, – Anton Gladkov demonstrates and generously sprays the product from a sanitizer as proof. – In addition, the design is lightweight, adjustable holder. I hope this is a necessary remedy, and if necessary, we will cut some more.

– During this time, we have become almost relatives with the headquarters, – noted Oksana Savinova, doctor-epidemiologist of the City Clinical Hospital No. 10. – Many thanks to Anna, Margarita, Irina and everyone who participated in the action for their attention and care. We feel that we have a reliable rear, believe me, it is very important to know that someone is worried about us, wasting energy and personal time to please us.

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Vladimir Khabudaev, chief physician of the infectious diseases hospital, spoke about the same:

– You see, it is important for a doctor to be told “thank you!” There is no need for expensive gifts – just look into the eyes of a person who, perhaps, did not sleep at night in order to pull you out, thank him from the bottom of your heart, from your heart – so that he warms up from your kind word. This, frankly, is all we need. Look at my girls – they have their eyes in a wet place, so they are happy and happy.

Vladimir Khabudaev, head physician of the Irkutsk regional infectious diseases hospital Pavel Sandakov, chief surgeon of the Irkutsk region (middle)

… The headquarters for helping doctors, having come to their senses from the experience (“The first hundred gifts have been handed over. Emotions are overwhelming. It seems I have never been so happy,” Anna Surkova wrote in the chat) exhaled, inhaled and announced: to be continued!

Doctors Assistance Headquarters would like to thank:

– “Center of Packaging” and General Director Parshakov Kirill Vladimirovich;
– Leaders and children of DDT 1, 2, 3.5, SUN, Voskhod, DDiYuT;
– Evgeny Stekacheva;
– General Director Evgeny Valerievich Taranov and the Irkutskgeoproekt team;
– Head Olga Sergeevna Larionova and the staff of Siberian Design Institute JSC;
– Director Alexander Deeva and the staff of Wild Siberia LLC;
– National Association of Timber Industrialists “Russian Forest” and President Alexey Alekseevich Zhelneev;
– Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slata Group of Companies Vyacheslav Timofeevich Zaits;
– Leroy Merlin;
– Alexander Shulgin;
– Anton Krasnoshtanov.

Irina Shterman, specially for IRK.ru
Photo by Evgeny Kozyrev and Lali Yankevich

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