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#Mass media #Media #TV ■ TV reform party policy NHK dismantling Consumption tax abolition Foreigners’ livelihood protection abolition, etc. If you have any concerns about NHK, please contact us by phone. 080-1672-6969 070-2677-8910 (Secretariat) ■ I participated in the blog ranking. We would be grateful if you could help us improve the ranking by clicking. ■ Request for support The Television Reform Party accepts donations of political activity funds at any time.・ Japan Post Bank transfer Thank you from the URL below. * If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please use the “PC display”.・ Credit card payment Thank you for your cooperation from the URL below. ■ Please send letters to us. 171-8422 2-45-1-9 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku To Ryoji Kutsuzawa 080-1672-6969 * It may take some time to receive the item, so we appreciate your feelings, but please forgive us for goods and fresh produce. I have received it. ■ Click here for “RYOJI Channel” for emergency evacuation ■ Ryoji Kutsuzawa Twitter: @ mk00350

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