Thanks to ‘Mamá Coco’ in Hawaii they already celebrate the Day of the Dead!

The Day of the Dead touched the heart of Holly Kiyabu, a woman from O’ahu, Hawaii, who for the first time makes an altar to remember her family and also thank María Salud Ramírez Caballero, Mama Coco.

Holly learned about this tradition while working at the El Gallo Rosa taqueria, located in Hawaiiwhere surrounded by countrymen, they showed her the customs and invited her to see the coconut movie so that he understood about the celebration, where his love for Ramírez Caballero was born.

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“It was shocking for me to learn of her death, when I saw the movie I decided to make an altar for my family, and of course she had to be there with her bread,” said Kiyabu.

This altar features portraits of loved ones from Hawaii, Japan, Germany, Portugal and now Mexico.

“It’s hard to know that maybe next year you will have to add 1 or 3 more photos, but it’s nice to know that they will come to visit you, so it doesn’t matter, every year I will have to try harder so that all of them can come,” he added.

Las skulls and candles of the Virgin of Guadalupe they were ordered online, however, Holly made the other decorations with her own hands, as she wanted to give her own effort to her loved ones.

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Holly assures that the Day of the Dead will always be remembered among Hawaiians from now on.

“Every time someone visits me they ask me about the altar, I just tell them first go see who is there, then you put on your pajamas and you are going to see the coconut movieYou’re welcome,” he mentioned.

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