“That’s enough, there is only one positive out of 400”

The singer intervened on Twitter to once again have his say on the Italian health situation.

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The singer’s latest tweet, who is not new to such utterances, has literally divided the web, sparking a real all-social controversy. Many users who have sided against him, many others, however, those who support his positions.

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Enrico Ruggeri: “He’s going crazy, that’s enough”

Enrico Ruggeri in the last few hours is at the center of a real controversy for some utterances on Covid that the singer has entrusted to the increasingly crowded Twitter. In a post, Ruggeri wrote: “I walk around with a mask, I disinfect myself, I do a tampon a week and I have everyone who works for me do it. But if they tell me that a region must stop everything (sociality, economy, contacts) if there is ONE POSITIVE EVERY 400 PEOPLE I think someone is going crazy“.

That was enough to grab comments of all kinds, from those who praise him to those who openly clash with his ideas. It must be said that the singer is by no means new to such utterances. Already in an interview with Quotidiano.net, Ruggeri had opened a long parenthesis on the Italian epidemiological situation, stating that the most dramatic aspect of the epidemic was that “for fear of dying we are giving up life“.

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His comments were not limited only to the press: guest by Nicola Porro, the singer had in fact declared: “We are in a society that does not accept death, nor grow old and die. The only sacred principle is ‘think health’. I smile when I see someone wearing a mask and then maybe he has a disastrous diet or unhealthy habits “. Ruggeri, on that occasion, had also specified that he had received several death threats for his positions: “You will die of Covid, they told me. I understand that there is an emergency, I respect the protocols, but we cannot give up living for fear of dying. It’s against nature ”

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