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In “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Addison Montgomery” is one of the cult characters of the series for many fans. Kate Walsh (53) joined in 2005 at the end of the first season. She surprised her husband “Derek” (Patrick Dempsey) and his new girlfriend “Meredith” (Ellen Pompeo) – which is still one of the most famous scenes in the series.

Even if “Addison” was initially between the series dream couple “Derek” and “Meredith”, she could quickly become a fan favorite in the series. As an expert in neo-natology and gynecology, “Addison” cured numerous babies.

After “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Addison” gets its own series

Kate Walsh stayed until the end of the third season as a permanent character on “Grey’s Anatomy” as “Addison”. Then the series character moved to a private clinic in Los Angeles. The story of “Addison” was continued in the spin-off “Private Practice” and Kate Walsh became the main character there.

Kate Walsh, Tim Daly, Audra McDonald, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Strickland, Chris Lowell, Taye Diggs und Amy Brenneman in „Private Practice“

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The actress returned repeatedly for guest appearances on “Grey’s Anatomy” in the following seasons. “Private Practice” ran from 2007 to 2013 with a total of six seasons on television.

Then the “Addison” actress tried out roles outside of a hospital setting. She was seen in the television series “Fargo” (2014) and “Bad Judge” (2014 to 2015). In 2017 she became part of the much discussed series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”.

Kate Walsh’s roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Addison

Kate Walsh often had to face difficult issues as “Addison” on “Grey’s Anatomy”. In “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, the actress portrayed “Olivia Baker”, the mother of a girl who took her own life.

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More Netflix productions for Kate Walsh followed. Since 2019 she has been represented in “The Umbrella Academy” and since 2020 in “Emily in Paris”. 2020 Kate Walsh also starred on the side of Liam Neeson in the film “Honest Thief”.


Kate Walsh und Liam Neeson in „Honest Thief“

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Kate Walsh was part of one of the most popular series among Germans as “Addison”. The series went way beyond the time of “Addison”. It has recently become clear that “Grey’s Anatomy” will have an 18th season.

A lot has happened in the cast since the beginning and fans have already had to say goodbye to many popular characters – such as “Grey’s Anatomy” – “Cristina” (Sandra Oh) or “Grey’s Anatomy” – “George” (TR Knight).

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