The 10 outstanding videos of 2022 between extreme weather and natural phenomena

The ranking of the top 10 videos with the greatest impact has become a classic a few hours into the new year. Our newsroom has accumulated several hours of daily and tireless research audio-visual testimonies, showing everything from the most extreme weather phenomena on the planet to small curiosities or natural disasters.

In this video we have a very impressive ranking, with some atmospheric events that turned out to be catastrophic in one way or another, reflecting the unstoppable advance of current climate change on the planet and on each one of us!

In our video section, you can find the most impactful phenomena observed all over the planet every day!

This “classification” begins with some very curious images, with a rare phenomenon that was first mistaken for a waterspout at dead (Nicaragua). It was actually a dense cloud of chayules (insects). For the ninth position we move in the far south of Russiamore specifically to Gelendzhika tourist town on the shores of the Black Sea. At the end of the summer, an incredible pair of waterspouts could be captured by an amateur videographer.

In eighth place we went back to Americaespecially in the iconic Yellowstone National Park (United States), which in mid-June had to be evacuated and closed for a few days due to severe flooding and landslides due to heavy rain and melting snow. For seventh place, we went to Yemenat the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, where a large and incredible sinkhole was first explored by the Oman Cave Exploration Team, revealing an amazing underground world.

In sixth place, we moved to Andover (Kansas, USA), which has sustained severe damage from a powerful EF-3 tornado filmed by cameras at City Hall. In fifth position, we retained the catastrophic hailstorm that hit some regions of the Catalonia, in Spain. Pieces of ice over 10 centimeters fell, which unfortunately caused the death of a baby. In position four, we remember the tragedy that occurred in the Marmoladasummit of the Dolomites (Italy), where the detachment of part of a glacier due to abnormal heat killed 11 hikers.

And here is the podium, with a very close result. In position 3 stand the incredible images left to us by the eruption of Maula Loathe largest volcano on the planet located at Hawaii (USA). The silver medal goes to videos shot by residents of Mumbai (Bombay), India, which show the impressive and close impact of lightning on a building. The winner of the ranking is the tsunami caused by the great eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai in mid-January, which left behind a great repertoire of phenomena, some of which were felt all over the planet. He is the true winner! Hopefully 2023 brings us a better ranking.

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