The 10 Weirdest Things That Sold in eBay History

They range from the man who sold his life to the girl who offered her virginity. From the one where she asked $50,000 for a ghost, to the one where she gave up her soul.

Of everything. Like in the old village shops. I remember that when he was a boy, in Capilla del Monte, on the Buenos Aires diagonal, there was a business of that type. He was called El Pibe. The most unusual things were there. Those you never need until you just need them.

From a special size sewing needle to purple jute espadrilles. Any product. The kid was a chest where to find treasures.

But there is another chest that contains everything in these times. And it’s on the net. because the site eBay It allows you to sell everything, but some things are beyond what you can imagine.

Virginity and even life itself

1 – In order to pay your college tuition, Cary’s Copestakes put her virginity up for sale without her parents’ knowledge. The bid reached $10,000 and the sum was paid by a businessman. However, the gentleman, a gentleman, gave him the money No sexual retribution.

The girl who put her virginity up for sale. And she got $10,000.

2 – On the site there are thousands of stores that offer crazy things. But the business wizard was Ian Usher, who sold his life. The Australian offered his house, his car, his job and even his friends.

They paid him nearly $400,000. and good old Ian went from having nothing to being the owner of an island in the Panamanian Caribbean which cost him $60,000, and traveling all over the world, now without a wife and with a new girlfriend.

Ian Usher sold his life for a good price.

Ian Usher sold his life for a good price.

The man scored 100 goals to meet and managed to complete them all. Among them jumped naked parachuted, reached Everest Base Camp, met Richard Branson (Virgin’s billionaire founder), ran with the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, ​​Spain, learned to play the harmonica, piloted an airplane, and toured United States through the famous route 66. Applause for him.

3 – A man from Arkansas sold a strange jar that assured had a ghost inside that terrified him. After seven days of auction, one person offered $50,922. Too bad the ghost is still inside the jar. It is that the buyer did not comply with the payment and the sale was cancelled.

4 – On the subject of food, the Chadwick family, who lives in Salem, Massachusetts, opened a bag of Doritos and found one that resembled a papal hat. A Florida casino bought it for $1,209 for display.

The dorito in the shape of a papal cap.  Sacrilege.

The dorito in the shape of a papal cap. Sacrilege.

5 – The same casino bought Diane Duyser a cheese sandwich that appeared to have the face of the Virgin Mary. They paid a stratospheric figure: $28,000.

The lady made a small fortune for the cheese sandwich.

Through this window they shot and killed John Kennedy.

Through this window they shot and killed John Kennedy.

6 – Now with a historical context and far from bizarre, what became the most expensive window (with its frame) in the world was put up for sale. Through her, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. 188 offers came from all over the world. And the auction winner paid $3,001,501.

Michael Jackson’s underpants

7 – That there are there are. And it’s good to be warned. A salesman in Oklahoma got $2,006 for a kit to kill vampires. It is a linden wood suitcase, the interior of which is lined with brown velvet.

The utensils it contains are a wooden hammer, four stakes, a prayer book, a crucifix, a knife, a pair of scissors, and eight vials containing Pamant (holy soil), Agheazma (holy water), Mir (anointing oil), Tamaie (holy incense), Usturoi (garlic), red whey, blue whey and a secret potion, in addition to a wooden cross, and a syringe. The seller asked for $51,000 and settled for less than 5% of that value.

The vampire hunter kit.  Not a single one escapes you.

The vampire hunter kit. Not a single one escapes you.

8 – Two Michael Jackson briefs sold for a million dollars. The Calvin Klein had been seized as evidence in 2003, in the famous child sexual abuse case involving the late singer.

9 – A small Brazilian company called IntelBras put a UFO detector for sale. They claimed that the device could detect alien ships in the sky by emitting a sound. There was a person (presumably from Tandil or Colonia Caroya, for salami) who paid 135 dollars for the product. The device rings repeatedly when the individual’s mother-in-law approaches a few meters from him.

UFO detector.  A product similar to sea monkeys.  Fraud.

UFO detector. A product similar to sea monkeys. Fraud.

10 – And to close this collection, there is the singer Dante Knoxx, who He put his used soul up for sale and was asking almost $1,500,000 for it. The unknown Englishman, with the money, wanted to form a music band. From what he offered, he looked more like he wanted to form a gang of thieves. The truth is no one offered a penny for his soul. And the company canceled the sale for being contrary to the directives of the site.

It is tremendous to know that a sandwich sells for $28,000, a Dorito for more than $1,200, and a pair of underpants for a million greens. And that a soul is worth nothing. . . . Not even for Mephisto.

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