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Killed a lot of work during the offseason

The question of whether Ryan Fitzpatrick would have done better does not arise since the veteran was on the COVID list. But the point is, Tua Tagovailoa missed his chance to lead the Dolphins into the playoffs.

The Bills were superior, but the rookie pitcher totally doomed his team with three interceptions. The total of yards (361) and the touchdown on the counter are flattering because recovered when the match was already out of reach.

Tagovailoa ends the season with 11 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 10 games. It’s good but not great. Now, we will have to bring the spark and the brilliant actions that he has only too rarely given a glimpse of for the moment.

Be careful, this should not make us forget that the Miami season is still a success. For the second year of a rebuild, to finish with 10 wins and a convincing defense is already huge. To Tagovailoa to be the icing on the cake.

The Cardinals too

When Kyler Murray can no longer run, the Cardinals are not the same. Maybe we’ll have to find an alternative? This is when Kliff Kingsbury will have to prove that he is a good coach.

Panthers need a new quarterback

Teddy Bridgewater made a comeback after a terrible knee injury. But let’s face it: he’s not a starting quarterback in the NFL. In the last six games of the season, he threw 2 touchdowns for 4 interceptions.

Under ideal conditions, he can handle. But Bridgewater doesn’t differentiate. If Matt Rhule wants to see further, he’ll have to find another pitcher.

Aaron Rodgers is the MVP

Unlike last year, there shouldn’t be unanimity in voting for the MVP title. Patrick Mahomes and Derrick Henry will likely have their say. But it’s hard not to think that Aaron Rodgers finished laying his hands on the trophy on Sunday night.

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With a record of 19/24, 240 yards and 4 touchdowns, he delivered a new performance of great accuracy, like his season. 48 touchdowns in total. 5 interceptions only. An assessment of 121.5. For the third time in his career, the Green Bay number 12 is set to be elected king of the league. What to equal a certain Brett Favre, his predecessor in Wisconsin.

While Rodgers will never have Favre’s love rating, he has clearly proven that he is even more talented in football.

Derrick Henry is the offensive player of the year

He probably won’t be an MVP as the importance of quarterbacks seems to weigh on this trophy, but it’s hard to dispute that Derrick Henry is the offensive player of the year. Sunday, the runner of the Titans again walked on the Texans (250 yards). Above all, he became the eighth player in history to run over 2,000 yards in a season.

Henry is also the first to win the league title two years in a row since LaDainian Tomlinson.

His final record of the season: 378 races, 2,027 yards and 17 touchdowns, with an insane average of 5.4 yards per carry.

Offensive player of the year.

Ryan Tannehill is no longer afraid of anything

Need a long pass to get the field goal for the win? Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown, 52 yards. Thank you good night.

Apparently, when you got to know Adam Gase, you lost the taste for fear.

New York is the new elite of lose

After 18 years without the playoffs, here are the Browns qualified for the finals. It was not easy, but the terrible series is broken. Now, it is the Jets who are the kings of losing, with a long absence of ten years in the playoffs.

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With the second choice of the Draft and a coach fired, it could be that the Greens extend the series a little longer.

The Eagles don’t even respect each other anymore

Scuttling to get the first choice of the Draft, well, why not. But to go from 9th to 6th? Zero respect. The Eagles disrespected the New York Giants, the sports and especially themselves.

Yes, the Draft allows you to strengthen yourself. Yes, three choices higher, we have a little more chance of finding a better player. We are also a little more likely to find a bigger bust.

In this ridiculous race, Philadelphia therefore signed what is perhaps the most obvious successful attempt at defeat in recent memory, by taking out its young starting quarterback late in the game to let Washington win.

Doug Pederson even went so far as to declare (without laughing!) That he had replaced Jalen Hurts with Nate Sudfeld because he ” was playing to win. However, it is indeed a losing mentality that he displayed.

Ahahahahahah les Chargers

It is written. They’re going to keep Anthony Lynn. They’re going to ruin a season of Justin Herbert.

They’ll fire Lynn next year and say “oh lala, we didn’t see it coming.” “

All because they beat the Chiefs led by Chad Henne.

Tom Brady is eternal

299. This is now the number of games that Tom Brady started in the NFL. Another record for him. As a quarterback, Brett Favre was the benchmark, with 298 games at the starting position.

Further proof of the incredible longevity of the Buccaneers quarterback, who also holds the record for the number of games won by a quarterback (230). Always more legendary.

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Lamar Jackson, already the best double-threat in history?

When Michael Vick had gained more than 1000 yards on the ground in 2006, the performance was like a feat. Lamar Jackson seems poised to trivialize it.

Sunday, the Ravens quarterback became the first pitcher in history to run over 1,000 yards two seasons in a row. All this in three seasons. While he is still only 23 years old.

Baltimore, scarecrow of the playoffs

They took the recipe from last year. They have a new star racer with JK Dobbins. They don’t have the same pressure as last year. Watch out for Baltimore in January!

Yes, it was only the defense of the Bengals. But 525 yards at 7.2 yards average per offensive action, with 404 yards on the ground, it’s still a hell of a feat in the NFL.

Vikings haven’t lost Stefon Diggs’ trade

It’s rare to see two teams win a rally. But there, difficult to do better. The Vikings dropped Stefon Diggs at the Bills, and the latter had a great season.

But with the pick of the first round recovered, Minnesota has selected Justin Jefferson, who has just completed a downright historic season! With 9 more receptions for 133 yards Sunday night, the rookie ends the season at 1400 yards. That’s a record in the modern era for a rookie!

Dallas does Dallas

How could it be otherwise in such a chaotic season? There are rarely any good surprises with the Cowboys in the past 20 years.


Or almost. Did Jaylon Smith fake the fight? Can we simulate the fight?

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