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The Cup we are talking about is obviously the F.A. Cup, that that year, I tell you immediately, the queen Elizabeth of England handed over to the captain of the Manchester City, winner in the final on Birmingham for three networks to one. THE Citizens they had taken the lead immediately, in the third minute, with Hayes, my he Birmingham after less than a quarter of an hour he had settled the score with Kinsey, on the fifteenth. Closed the first half at 1-1, in the second half there were continuous attacks but only the players went online Sky Blues with Johnstone at the 65th and with Dyson to the 68th. Two goals in three minutes and Birmingham defeated.

But the reason why everyone remembers the final one (for the Manchester City it was the sixth final played, with the victory equalized the balance, with 3 won and 3 lost, now we are on the final 6 won against 5 lost; for the Birmingham the second, both lost, there have been no others since) was the dramatic injury of the goalkeeper of Manchester City, German Bert Trautmann. In the final match, on the score of 3-1, he came out on the feet of Peter Murph of Birmingham. He dislocated five vertebrae in his neck, but incredibly, with his neck practically broken, after fainting and being revived with salts, he continued to play until the end of the match, and at the moment of the award he complained … of having a stiff neck ! Three days later he was diagnosed with a broken neck and it took several months for complete recovery. It was a real miracle.

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On the other hand Trautmann was what they say una pellaccia! German soldier during World War II, he had fought on the Eastern front and earned five medals for heroic behavior, including the mythical iron Cross. Transferred to the western front, he was captured by the British and ended up in a prison camp in Lancashire. There he learned to play football and discovered he was gifted to be a goalkeeper! After the war he decided to stay there and became a professional player. He highlighted the team of the St. Helens Town.

Parenthesis on the St. Helens Town: the team, founded in 1901 still exists and plays in the North West Counties League: ref. 4, like it Stoke City, the first jersey, ref. 42, like the Chelsea, the second).

The fans of the Manchester City, when the team bought him, knowing of his past as an enemy soldier, they did not take it well, there were even street demonstrations to protest against his engagement. But when they saw him play … they had to change their minds, and he became a darling of the square! Eventually, when he retired, he had collected with the Sky Blues the beauty of 545 appearances. There were 60,000 spectators on the day of his farewell game. He concluded his career as a coach, in England, Germany and even in Asia and Africa (he coached the national teams of Burma, Tanzania, Liberia and Pakistan!).

Below I put the link to a beautiful video about the final, where the goalkeeper’s injury is also visible.

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You will notice, watching the video, that even that year the teams entered the field with their second jerseys. The Manchester City (ref. 5 of the catalog) at that time he used sweaters claret as away shirts, like the ref. 27 or like the striped one used for the occasion. The Birmingham (ref. 2 or 119, blue shirts then) instead he presented himself with a white shirt and black shorts (ref. 10 or 156).

Also these two shirts, if you like them, can be found in the manufacturer’s catalog Astrobase.

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